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Michelangelo1475 Feb 22, 2016

I was close to at some points I suppose, not enough though! It has to be pretty damn good for me to get immersed enough to do such an obscene act ;)

Chobits is pretty old, I find it as something any seasoned anime watcher needs to go through as I have always thought of it as a pretty iconic anime even though it is not the best one in the world. It doesn't have the emotional intensity of Plastic Memories but there is no doubt in my mind that the storylines are vaguely similar. Chobits should be a classic if it was older but it was only made in 2002 lol.

Sianeka Feb 20, 2016

LagannZ32 says...  I'm so sorry I didn't tel you, I went to look and didn't see my name but then my mom called me to help with errands so I forgot to pm you about it. I haven't checked that much either. It's easier to contact me here.  Don't worry about it at all, your hands are full as is, and mistakes are made by everyone ^_^

Thank you for understanding, and for being so nice about it.  It really was a very unfortunate mistake on my part, and I don't want it to happen again.  Nor do I want you to think that you aren't an important part of WECO, because you are!  (I love folks that volunteer their time to help out with a good cause, and helping out with my personal favorite good cause puts you HIGH HIGH HIGH on my respect list!  I really love my WECO Greeters!)

Michelangelo1475 Feb 20, 2016

O man that is my favourite part of the series, so so epic (lots of feels too!). I literally burst into tears when Naruto was sitting on the bench thinking about Jiraya with that popsicle in his hand (hate to say it but it really happened). O yeah following up on one of your recommendations, Plastic Memories is really good, you have good taste my friend (never doubted you lol!). Have you watched Chobits? It seems to be based off of that story, which is also pretty damn good. The story is actually really emotional, close to being on par with some other of my 2015 favs Your Lie in April or Charlotte.

Michelangelo1475 Feb 18, 2016

Haha sweet! Yeah I am going to not watch it for another year until it is finally done so I don't have to get so angry with Naruto. But seriously skipping through 25+ episodes because of filler is unheard of!

Sianeka Feb 18, 2016

I'm not sure how it happened, but your name was removed from the daily WECO Assignment sheet and I didn't notice until now! (You should've contacted me!!!) I've sent you a PM about this as well.

I am so sorry! I added your name back in and will return to assigning names as per your previous schedule (Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays 10 per day). If you want to revise your schedule, just get back to me to let me know.

I truly apologize. Your name must've been accidentally removed when I was reformatting the sheet. I'm sorry I wasn't more careful.