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RakkiKuroNeko Apr 2, 2016

Aw haha wish I could do that, sadly the little ones keep pestering me so my manga reading has been put on halt TT-TT 

Any weekend plans? :3 

RakkiKuroNeko Apr 2, 2016

Preparing for 9 people to stay over at my tiny house TT-TT Wish me luck please xD

Sianeka Apr 1, 2016

LagannZ32 says... Alright thank you for telling me!!

I enjoyed reading your mini reviews when I was looking over reviews as part of the new Privacy guidelines project changes.  These profile reviews are a helpful part of the site and can help folks decide what to watch next.  Of course, if you wish to expand them to be Community reviews, that would also be a good thing.  But these are fun Profile rviews as they are!

Michelangelo1475 Apr 1, 2016

Sweet, Naruto gets kinda rough when you get up to the newest ones (cause all of it is filler mostly, so it really sucks). Eden of the East, I have heard of that one, maybe I'l check it out! For me I have been watching a lot of newer stuff so I feel like I am with the times... I have been going through GATE, Asterisk War, Grimgar (oh my gosh so good, you need to watch that one), Assassination Classroom and Working!!. Have you watched any of those?

RakkiKuroNeko Mar 31, 2016

Hai! How are you? :3