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Sianeka Apr 28, 2016

LagannZ32 says...  Alrighty! Lucky thing is that I can still watch anime because of my phone and all!

Am glad to hear you can still watch anime!  Now, hope you can find some spare time to do so! *smile*  (I'm sad, I don't have a good data plan on my phone to be able to do it!)

Sianeka Apr 16, 2016

LagannZ32 says...  I believe I am gonna scrap some money together from gifts and stuff because since I'm still in highschool I don't have a job. I might be able to get it back latest on early August. If you need me to help with anything just tell me and I will help if I can. 

No worries about helping out here now - take your time and come back to WECO when it is convenient for you and you have time available to enjoy doing it!  In the meantime, good luck.  I am truly hoping you can get a working laptop again soonest, because it is a real bummer thing to not have computer access when you want it.

WECO will be here and waiting when you are able to come back, ok?

Sianeka Apr 8, 2016

LagannZ32 says...   Hey Sia-San. I regret to inform you that my laptop is broken and I can no longer do welcoming For a while.

No worries on this end - you can take off as much time as you need!  But, I am trully sorry about your laptop.  That is kind of tragic - I really hate it when computers don't work!!!  I depend on mine soooo much now, that not only is it inconvenient, but it's kind of a mini crisis situation when it doesn't work right.

I hope you can get it fixed or get access to a new computer soon, if not for WECO then at least so you can pursue all your other online habits!  Good luck!

RakkiKuroNeko Apr 6, 2016

Ooo pizza sounds nice ^^

Well I went out to eat with some family yesterday, other than that I've just been lazy all week.  

Sianeka Apr 2, 2016

LagannZ32 says...  I enjoy doing them :D if I can get someone into an anime because of my review, I consider myself accomplished.

Give yourself a pat on the back then.  I was intrigued by your descriptions of Hitman and Beyond the Boundary and now I want to watch them!