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Michelangelo1475 Jan 15, 2016

Na I don't think I am that into certain anime to bother with it, once I am done with one anime I put it in my library and leave it there to collect dust basically and move onto the next one (kinda sad actually lol). Are you keeping up with Naruto? I haven't watched it in at least a year, so I imagine it is close to finishing (no spoilers though cause I haven't read the manga!)

Michelangelo1475 Jan 13, 2016

I have never played an anime video game before, not really high on my to do list, but yeah I can see how Kimimaro would be a interesting character in that way (maybe a little creepy actually).

KoganeShiranui Jan 10, 2016

Thanks For Your Welcome Extreme-San ...If You Ask Me What My 5 Favorite Anime ...I Think , My 5 Favorite Anime Is : Durarara Series , Monogatari Series , Hayate No Gotoku Series , Log Horizon , And Aoki Hagane No Appregio...I Hope We Will Be A Good Friends From NowSorry For Reply Your Commend Now , I'm Not Always Turning On My Pc T^T

Michelangelo1475 Jan 9, 2016

Yeah, that's the case for a lot of characters I would otherwise like... place them in a crappy storyline and they won't be good no matter how hard you try!

Michelangelo1475 Jan 8, 2016

From what I remember, it wasn't Kimimaru himself that I really hated, it was the story in general at that point that I wasn't not happy with. The long drawn out battle scenes reflected badly on all the characters at that point for me, especially the ones introduced in that story arc (i.e. all five of the henchmen). That sour taste never really went away so that is why!