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Just some cool Shounen Gifs:                             




Current Binge Record in a 24 hour period: 16 episodes  

                                         Anime highlights:

                             First anime: Dragon Ball Z

                             50th anime: Accel World 

                             75th anime: ???

                             1 month: 4-15-2015 (April 15th, 2015)
                             2 months: 5-6-2015 (May 6th, 2015)  
                             3 months: 3-2-2016 (March 2nd, 2016)


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YuiYui Jul 21, 2021

Yo, I know you don't use this site anymore. But it's probably the only site I ever have any chance of getting in contact with you.

Happy Birthday <3 Hope you've been well the past few years and who knows maybe one day we'll catch up.

YuiYui Nov 10, 2017

;-; Are you not using skype anymore?

Sianeka Jul 20, 2017

Hi, haven't heard from you and site says you haven't been around since mid-February, so I'm thinking you are too busy at this time to worry about doing welcome greetings.  So, that being the case, I'll change your status from Greeter to Club Supporter, with no Greeter responsibilities.  If there comes a time when you wish to do welcome greetings again, I'll happily reinstate you as a WECO Greeter, just contact me and let me know.

And even if you don't, please get in touch to let me know how you are, I'd love to hear from you again!

Sianeka Mar 22, 2017

Hi!  Long time no see!  You've been on hiatus a while and we haven't been in touch with each other. *sad*  I'm hoping that things are going well for you.

WECO's doing well, and the site is getting lots of new members.  Summertime's coming up and the team could sure use more help.  So I'm wondering if you have time in your schedule at this time to reactivate again as an active Greeter?  WECO misses you!  You don't have to do a lot - even if you only come back one day a week (10 names takes less than 5 minutes time to greet!)  Please consider it!

If you can't do it at this time, that's fine.  But I thought there'd be no harm in asking, just in case you can.  Cause it would be so helpful to have more Greeters helping out these days.

Either way, I'd love to hear from you again and catch up on your current situation.  Please drop me a comment letting me know how things are going for you and what you've been doing. *smile*

Sianeka Dec 25, 2016

Happy Holidays!  I know it’s been a while, but it’s the time of year. *smile* I’m wishing you a warm and happy holiday season, full of joyous moments.

Thank you for all your past help with WECO - I hope you realize that your efforts helped bring friendly character and cheer to the site and really helped to make a-p a site that truly stands out! *big smile*  Thank you again for helping.  

Note:  No pressure, but if you would consider reactivating as an active Greeter once again, it will be appreciated. Even only 5 or 10 names one day a week is helpful!