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Oct 16, 2016


The story starts out somewhat similar to Trigun (as in it involves an ultra powerful dude with a large bounty on on his head).  However, what starts off as a fun bounty hunter romp sudenly turns into a "Man vs. Machine" story.  Also, while the setting initially seems to be the Old West, it quickly becomes apparent that there are alot of elements that don't fit in with this setting (such as dinosaurs, unicorns, and robots, to name a few).  Of course, since this manga involves people with crazy super powers, I didn't expect it to be realistic anyways; but, the inclusion of these elements is still kind of jarring (though one could argue that it also makes the manga more fun).  Maybe if there had been a bit more world building I could accept these oddball elements a bit more.  The only world building we get is some exposition about the man vs. machine wars and some more exposistion about the previous civilizations that had advanced technology.  Also, while the story was fairly fun and entertaining, I felt that the ending just wasn't very satisfying.  It was just a bit too open with some mysteries (mainly the ones around the titular Rappa) still unsolved.


The artwork is quite nice and well detailed.  It's probably the best part of this manga.


Sadly, the characters are for the most part one-note.  Even the titular Rappa (who has the benifits of being both bad-ass and mysterious) doesn't get as much development as I had hoped he would (though he is probably the most developed character in the manga).  It doesn't help we never find out the mysteries surounding him.  Also, I think the Mechanic could've been a more interesting villian if he had been fleshed out more.


I wanted to like this manga.  In fact, I did get some fun and entertainment from it.  However, I ultimately found this series to be somewhat disappointing. 

6/10 story
8.8/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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