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Hello, everybody!  I'm a fan of anime and manga, and I'm willing to watch/read just about any genre.  I'm constantly looking for even more anime/manga to add to my collection.

The way I rate the anime's on my anime list involves how much I like/enjoyed watching the anime.  If I like an anime then it will at least recieve 3.5 stars.  How high of a rating it will recieve after that depends on my overall level of enjoyment, any flaws that it may have (and how major I feel those flaws are), and various other factors.  If I sort-of-like/want to like an anime but ultimately feel mixed feelings about it then I will give it 3.  If feel like an anime is 'meh' then I'll give it a 2 or 2.5.  Animes with those scores are ones that I didn't really like but I don't hate it either.  If I strongly dislike or dowright hate an anime, I'll give it a 0.5, 1, or 1.5 (depending on my hatred).


300th manga read: Tokyo Babylon

1000th anime watched: Itsudatte My Santa! 

400th manga read: Planetes

1100th anime watched: Burn Up!

1200th anime watched: ReLIFE

500th manga read: Tower of God

1300th anime watched: Get Backers

600th manga read: Save Me (LICO)

1400th anime watched: Fire Force

700th manga read:  Pet Shop of Horrors

1500th anime watched: Tenjho Tenge

1600th anime watched:  Gate

1700th anime watched:  Tonikawa: Over the Moon for You

1800th anime watched:  Hells Angels

1900th anime watched:  Sweet Blue Flowers

2000th anime watched:  Legend of Exorcism

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  • 1
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2,092 total

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Sirscaredyclaude Apr 22, 2024

How are you doing miss?

As for other manga, I moved on to reading Silent Möbius QD. Hard to recommend because the sequel is RAW. I had to take Japanese lessons for the 1988 prequel and Wild Arms 2.

Yuna Koito is probably one of the best characters in QD so far; she's so together. The protagonist Aoi Majikina is alright and she's doing her best to be a team player. The artwork in this 2013 sequel definitely rivals that of said prequel from 1988.

My friend your age loves mahou shoujo manga, but FMA will always have a special place in her heart.

Sirscaredyclaude Dec 21, 2022

You sure read a lot of manga. Many I've never even heard of and I've been thinking of reading Sorcerer Hunters after Linebarrels of Iron.

I've been reading Linebarrels of Iron after Trigun Maximum.

Oh yeah! Christmas is coming and I was hoping to watch the new Tsukihime this year. I guess I'll have to wait until the new rabbit year.

Sirscaredyclaude Sep 24, 2022

By the way miss, happy belated birthday! A shoujo/fantasy fangirl that I know will be 36 next early December.

Sirscaredyclaude Jan 8, 2022

Anyway, what do you think of Gungrave GORE? I had a lot of fun playing the first two games of the franchise a very long time ago.