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Hello, everybody!  I'm a fan of anime and manga, and I'm willing to watch/read just about any genre.  I'm constantly looking for even more anime/manga to add to my collection.

The way I rate the anime's on my anime list involves how much I like/enjoyed watching the anime.  If I like an anime then it will at least recieve 3.5 stars.  How high of a rating it will recieve after that depends on my overall level of enjoyment, any flaws that it may have (and how major I feel those flaws are), and various other factors.  If I sort-of-like/want to like an anime but ultimately feel mixed feelings about it then I will give it 3.  If feel like an anime is 'meh' then I'll give it a 2 or 2.5.  Animes with those scores are ones that I didn't really like but I don't hate it either.  If I strongly dislike or dowright hate an anime, I'll give it a 0.5, 1, or 1.5 (depending on my hatred).


300th manga read: Tokyo Babylon

1000th anime watched: Itsudatte My Santa! 

400th manga read: Planetes

1100th anime watched: Burn Up!

1200th anime watched: ReLIFE

500th manga read: Tower of God

1300th anime watched: Get Backers

600th manga read: Save Me (LICO)

1400th anime watched: Fire Force

700th manga read:  Pet Shop of Horrors

1500th anime watched: Tenjho Tenge

1600th anime watched:  Gate

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1,684 total

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abbyishere4manga Nov 21, 2020

<article><blockquote>@LadyPsychic thanks for the advice! It's nice to hear other thoughts on watching MHA or not! :)</blockquote> </article>

Sirscaredyclaude Jul 21, 2020

Ecchi? yeah! I don't take it very seriously or any blue comedy. I prefer black comedy to sexualized, raunchy humor, but my real favorite genre is neo-noir.

Sirscaredyclaude Jul 7, 2020

Hello there! you got pretty eclectic taste in anime and how is Texas? my friend Ashley is a Texan too.

XxZeroeZxX Nov 7, 2017

Glad to hear it :)

U know, I used to live in Texas, I greatly enjoyed my time there ^_^

Now I'm stuck in the miserable Northeast once again haha

XxZeroeZxX Nov 1, 2017

Hello sempai :)

How r u this fine evening ^_^