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CasperLuap Nov 18, 2009

ive gotten two jobs, one of which had no paperwork, at all... i showed up, and i got paid in cash every tuesday.... it was fantastic... the other i knew a guy on the inside who got the process streamlined... oh, and they go through employees so fast at the pizza place i worked at... so many people just worked one semesters worth and then quit... im in second or third place for the longest working white kid... i think the mexicans were born into it, and the other white guy that works there is the guy i knew who got me streamlined into it, and hes been working there forever xD i joke about that being his career and he gets so pissed, cuz it scares him xD

CasperLuap Nov 17, 2009

=/ ive looked.... nobody gives anybody call backs, you have to know somebody who works there.... and i dont know anybody x_x

i keep hitting up pizza places, cuz i have a bit of experiance there, but they dont seem to interested to hiring somebody they dont know

i want to try some of the bigger stores, but i havent gotten a chance to go in, i mean, i know they are all online applications, but im so sick of those things... they dont work

CasperLuap Nov 16, 2009

oh well, hes won 2/3 years so far, so i guess losing is something they needed, keep them from thinking they just get it, make sure they know they have to work for it

lol im kinda sad, that lan i was supposed to go to, i never got an invite, so i didnt end up goin x_x but i still got a chance to play friday (lan was sat) at my buddies house, games a lot of fun.... >_< now i gotta go sell drugs or something to make money... crapcakes.... (im not serious, i dont even know how to get drugs)

CasperLuap Nov 16, 2009

lol, ive never hit my computer, but ive been damn close .... fking jaggoffs .... nothings more angering than being beat by somebody who pays for a free game...

sorry for taking so long to relpy, i read it friday, but i was being rushed out of my room so i couldnt make a reply then x_x and this weekend was kinda hecktic.... finally got a chance today, and its almost midnight x_x (ok, its not just that, i was kinda tired and kept putting it off, sorry)

nah, it wasnt to bad, a little disapointing tho, my brothers team only had like 4 alternate guys to bring in for a fresh pair of legs, and when 2 got injured during the game, that was even less guys to come in, and teh team they played had a full line up to switch out.... that and my brothers team just got out played.. they wernt making blocks, they let runners get through, and they couldnt catch guys once they did... it was 6 to zip, then 12 to zip... by the end of the game it 18 null, and my brothers team was done.... it was kinda depressing x_x

CasperLuap Nov 13, 2009

well, actually, i wasnt as excited as some of my friends for this new cod, it just looks like counterstrike on a 360, but my friends all think its the greatest thing ever... oh well ill still play and have

yea i dont yell at the tv... unless i happen to be playing a video game on it, then i yell alot.... but if its just tv, i sit and watch ... maybe a 'lol' or so, depending on how funny it is