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CasperLuap Mar 15, 2009

eh, manga, reading... thats hard... what with the lack of movement and sound


i used to read, but only Scifi and and aseries called "redwall" but that was a long time ago, closest i got to reading again was after i rewatched ROD OVA and the TV series, it actualy made me want to start reading again... but then i remembered my roommate plays heavy metal music, with a guitar... and an amp... sometimes really badly... (oh well hes decent at video games, what more could i ask for? nobodys perfect)

oh and the whole right to left concept hurt my head, (never got into comic books either, and i think i could have, but they didnt sell any near me when i was growing up so i never saw a comic book outside of the media{movies and what not})


that and manga costs alot of money, and i dont have a job, cuz i live in an area with a high population of college aged students, who all need money, and the area around the school, well , its a buncha farmland


(off to the liabrary today, kinda ironic i guess) gotta get 2 books on current game systems and past game systems, so i can try to find a common pattern in releases of systemes (god i hate non-fiction, its never as interseting as fiction)

CasperLuap Mar 15, 2009

the reason i became a 'creature of the night' over the summer was because of Lupin III and one other anime (been so long i forgot) {could have been Detective Conan or Cowboy Bebop)

ya i know it was perverted, but i like some of them, shoot the only reason i watched godannar to the end, other than i felt bad cuz the guy who uploaded it just had all his other stuff taken down, was cuz it was so close to porn (it was all sexual refrenses and what not, no 'tits or tats') but the best part about it was you felt like you were watchin like powerrangers or something cuz it felt so kiddie... but theres all these sex jokes in there it confuses you as to who this show was ment for


besides i loved the 'theif, gunman, samuri' trio to humorously steal, well, everything


but ill proly put it off for a while, cuz i wanna get some 'must sees' done first


i wish i got more into anime when i was in highschool, might have met some cute nerd girls Xd 

no but at my highschool all the anime kids were either Naruto, inuyasha, or fruit basket,  and at the time all i realy liked was trigun, cowboy bebop, and a few others that wernt really centerd around 'guy girl' conflict

so i hung out with a bunch of wow kids and learnd to MMO my ass off

(no girls played wow at my school, was gai as hell, also i dont think i knew a single girl at my school that liked either watching tv alot or playing any kind of video game{for some reason i got stuck at a school full of Ditz's, life is cheerleading or whatever sport theyre doin, and self inflicted drama [i hate self inflicted drama, so stupid somtime]})


well i seem to have told my life story here... sorry Xd so how does your life story go?

CasperLuap Mar 14, 2009

hey i have no problem with gratuitus nudity Xd

im a guy, its a blessing and a curse


but i told a buddie id watch elfen, then FMP, then there was something else im supposed to watch, but i also wanna go back and watch Tenchi (used to watch it on Toonami, and dont rember much of it) also i wanna watch some Lupin III Xd was my favorite show back in the day (but i cant find an english versian of any of them, anywhere)

not as long as my other posts, but im not at home so im abit rushed

CasperLuap Mar 14, 2009

ahhh i remember the first time i saw ROD ova, that was a good day/days

saw it on that night time Adult Swim thing on saturdays, while toonami was still up


i think its the only Anime that ever made me want to read... well maybe MHS (i <3 yuki)


its hard to pick just 3 genres to favorite.... i love the Western settings in GunFrontier and Trigun, and i love all the Sci-Fi's (if only ghost hunters didnt take over my favorite channel... {tear}) almost all the mecha series are good, but i couldnt get into CG...


and to find 3 that i dont like.. altho i do hate unneccisayly-stupid-actions animes (Main char from Love Hina Kills me alittle bit inside each time i watch that show)


im sorry Ladieburd, i seem to have created a massive comment, your the only person i know here so far (made an account to get the cool Sig) please forgive me for taking up so much of your screen Xd

CasperLuap Mar 14, 2009

thanks, ill have to look into it, but i told a buddie of mine id watch Elfen Lied first