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CasperLuap Dec 5, 2009

lol, i dont know many redheads... x_x sucks...

it did suck, actualy it sucked so bad, i didnt go to my computer class, i just went back to my room and changed into dry clothes

yea..... shush =P no, its not really a time thing, i dont know how to debug, if had an extra hour, i still wouldnt have fixed it, i mostlikely would have broken it further

meh, i got 3 more programs to make up today, may as well get this shit train started >_<

CasperLuap Dec 5, 2009

lol, sweet, who doesnt love redheads ? ^^

god i love rain... except this one time.... i had to get from one building to the next, and inbetween these buildign was about quarter mile of parkinglot and a river/stream thing, and it was pooring... while i didnt mind being soaked to the bone all that much, sitting soaking wet in the only room in the school that had AC (it was like 60 degrees in there) that sucked... i was freezing my soaking ass off... >_<

yea... i finished it... but it doesnt run x_x i mean, all the shits there ,i just cant figure out why it wont work... and the deadline was 5 minutes ago, so i sent it in broken hoping the TA will give me 'i tryed' points

CasperLuap Dec 5, 2009

yea.... i wish making things up worked in math derived classes.... but it isnt x_x i cant just lie my way through a program for participation points...

yea.... i hate cold running because of the wind, not the actual temperature, cold running is fun, you can run a bit faster because you dont over heat as quickly, its the wind that comes with the cold i hate... that stuff cuts into me like a knife and makes it sooo hard to run... that and im in farm country x_x no hills or trees = shit tons of wind

running in the rain is the best, i dont know what your talking about =P my favorite runs have been in the rain, but that just might be the irish in me ^^ (ireland has tons of rain cuz its an island in the atlantic, so you either enjoy it or get out^^) 

CasperLuap Dec 4, 2009

>_< i do need to start running again... but i hate running flat courses.... and i live in farm country... no hills x_x

also its below freezing now and i hate the cold....bleh, i hope it snows alot, i need to do some shoveling.... kick by back into shape

meh, i got less than 5 days of school left, gunna be doin a shit ton of programming in the next two days tho... gotta make up assignments i missed >_< atleast i can, i might even pass ^^

CasperLuap Dec 3, 2009

^^ see the thing about the pyramid is that you can add chocolate bunnies to act as obolisk/anubite guys

see, the thing is, i knew physics before i ever took it =P i guess its just how i preceive shit you know? i mean, everything in physics is aplicable some way somewhere (the love of explosions, shooting cannon balls, and car chrashes helped tho ^^) 

i mean, my physics teacher was so hard to pay attention to... and the labs... oh god i hated the labs... cuz you would do an 'expieriment' but you had no clue why... and half the time, the data you collected didnt support known constants... like gravity.... it was so stupid... course... i did sleep 90% of the class time and still passed.... guy took an hour up to do 2 physics problems which would take me a total of 5 minutes.... because he would wait for us to guess the reason an answer was an answer.... it was so stupid... like just show us whats right, test us, when we get it wrong, show us again.... god damn.... thats why i always screw up in math classes, the class moves to slow, i get bored, fall asleep, and then miss out on the 3 examples i didnt completely understand... i need more sugar in my diet to stay awake or something.....