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Laleanen Jan 16, 2010

I just finished reading High School Debut. LOVE. You should read it!!

CasperLuap Dec 15, 2009

yea, i kinda got bored of chobits cuz nothing cool ever happens =P its just seems like an anomatronic 14yo girl causing pedo moments

ill have to try SC, ive seen a few episodes on adult swim before it got taken down, not bad ^^

CasperLuap Dec 11, 2009

ive seen most of baccano, and i forgot where i stoped x_x so i basicly have to rewatch the whole thing, not much, just 13 or so episodes, but stillalso, ive seen Beck MCS ^^ it was good, altho i think it ended wayyy to soon... id like to have seen some american tour episodes x_x

CasperLuap Dec 8, 2009

pssh, i did get points, which is awesome, like i got a LOT of points... that guy gave me sooooo manny 'tried' points like usually i would get 30% for my programs, i got 75% this time... i actually felt like a dick cuz i didnt get it to run but i ot points for trying... >_< oh well

oh hey, i wanna get back into anime this winter, got any good suggestions?

CasperLuap Dec 6, 2009

nope, didnt run x_x but it should have... dont know whats wrong with it,but i should get some points for trying i guess