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CasperLuap Nov 12, 2009

lol, i use shoes to make it so my feet dont bleed... while sometimes i think its flipped for girls.... highheels are like death spikes.... (lol made me think of Deathclock... deathspikes.... oh did you see the new episode?)

sweet, meh, any game is cool with me, as long as its fun ^^ besides, it'd be co-op =P so id help make the game easier

gahh... i want to play borderlands so bad... but nobody fking has it.... fking codmw2.... just completely threw a shadow over every game that released in the last 2 weeks... atleast i can play mw2 this weekend ^^

CasperLuap Nov 11, 2009

id settle for a hug and a somebody to play vidya games with =P

i donno why guys are obsessed with getting laid....  why are girls obsessed with shoes?

CasperLuap Nov 11, 2009

lol, captcha's are weird....

well, i know 2 guys my age that have gotten laid.... neither of which fit my terms for 'gamer', they both play video games, but neither play the kind i mean... ones just bad, and the other plays sports games.... the rest of my buddies either havent gotten laid, or i havent heard about it

but then again, i guess that i come from a screwed up town... way to many guys, not enough girls..... also, the few girls from where i grew up were either super unsocial (or only social with other girls) or complete whores... x_x

CasperLuap Nov 11, 2009

x_x .... thats so sad.... i find girls who play video games to be very attractive.... its to the point where when i hear  a girl talking video games it almost makes my day ^^

x_x i hate sterio types..... one that i cant seem to break is video gamer's never get laid... >_<

CasperLuap Nov 11, 2009

oh common? how can you say youve never played a boss? x_x brock from pokemon was a boss.... king kupa from mario... the final ship in space invaders.... something!?

ive never actualy played any of the FF's .... never got into them... donno why.... same with soul caliber... didnt have the money to get them and the guys i knew didnt have it so x_x