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RBloop Jan 31, 2024

It isn't too hard, very simple to mess up at the same time. Give your list a name, what's it about etc. You'll be able to seatch for the anime, character, etc, make sure you click on the small blue arrow next to them, it will be added to your list, otherwise it won't be added to your list. This is where it can be very simple to mess up, make sure you hit the publish list button, otherwise it won't publish your list and will have to redo it again if you leave the window

AnnaSartin May 28, 2022

We've added your "Top 100 Anime Series All Time" list as featured! Very sorry for the delay in getting back to you about your lists, we have a team of moderators now and are able to respond to requests quickly, so we hope you'll submit more lists in the future. :)