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Devilman: Crybaby

Feb 19, 2019

This show is REALLY fresh, as I just finished watching it, and I am truly angry with this show. Never before have I thought a show could reach this level of trash (again), but I was proven wrong and currently rank it directly above School Days. Yeah, it had lots of sex and violence, but I couldn't care less; that's not my problem. If I wanted a gory show that was good, I'd watch Parasyte. If I wanted sex, go watch hentai for goodness sake. If you want a show with similar feels and messages, watch Shiki which is actually GOOD. And if you want Devilman, THEN READ THE MANGA. Haven't read it myself, but anything is better than the shit story of this show.

Out of the few things I did like, the animation was truly unique and original. It has a very distinct art style that separated it from other shows, and its soundtrack was also really good. Its opening and ending themes were OK, but the main theme was REALLY good; however, not even that was entirely original. It was just a remake of the 1972 show's theme. Other than that, there were characters I liked, but what they did with them was god awful and horrendous due to story direction.

The only reason this show is/ was so popular is for 3 reasons. 1st, it has lots of sex and violence. 2nd, it is on Netflix. 3rd, it has a horrible plot direction meant only to add shock value and forgets to actually be a good story. What pisses me off the most are the characters and the ending though.

Firstly, this may have just been me, but Ryo was a completely underdeveloped and garbage character.  [SPOILER]Literally, I know there have been worse villains, but he is just a horrible antagonist. Barely give him any background, and then pull the phrase "he's Satan btw" out of their ass to explain why he's evil.[/SPOILER] Next, Miki. The MC isn't necessarily bad, but Miki is the only reason I continued to watch this show, and what the story did was complete BS.  [SPOILER]She died a horrible death when (1) she shouldn't have died and (2) there was no reason for her to die. I swear she died purely for shock value, and her death marked the point that the plot went from building up to a possibly interesting climax toa complete nose dive.[/SPOILER] Lastly though, the ending was complete and utter sh**. It felt like the director wanted to make it all philosophical, but had no idea of what message they wanted to convey and just wanted an excuse to explain  where the story went.

THIS IS MILD SPOILERS (kind of). I love Shiki. I love Evangelion. Trying to make a show that has the same messages of Shiki's discrimination and 'who is truly the monster' doesn't work when you make the last episode the movie End of Evangelion.  [SPOILER]It was building up an interesting conflict, showing how the world was destroying itself out of fear for the demons, and the irrational violence people resorted to out of terror. It was also showing how the Devilmen were being oppressed and eradicated for being mistaken as demons (can't really blame them, but it showed how people stopped listening to reason and the truth when their life might be in danger). Then, Miki and some other main characters died. No purpose other than to traumatize the MC, fill him with more hatred for Ryo, and show the extent of how cruel people can become. It could have still had a good ending at this point though. But nope. Ryo, who hasn't given a reason as to why he's emotionless or evil, just spouts off that he's actually Satan. Congratulations. In the end, all humans die, most of the demons die, all the Devilmen that were fighting to save the humans presumably die, and the MC ultimately fails horribly. They literally even took the scene setup off of End of Evangelion. Like, Satan is throwing all these light crosses on the Earth and stuff, and then cut to MC lying cut in half beside Satan, staring up at the stars above a bright red ocean, completely devoid of life. There is no meaning whatsoever. Humans are irredeemable? Demons will triumph? Give him some applause. [/SPOILER] 

The only other show to make me this upset was Shiki, but Shiki actually had a message behind it, great story direction, and an ending that you could get SOMETHING out of. Shiki is one of my favorites, this is one of my least favorites. Even Akame Ga Kill handled its character deaths better. Don't watch it.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
9/10 sound
6/10 characters
3/10 overall
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