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I am 53 years old.  I've been watching anime for about 12 years now.  I like a variety of types.  Karneval is my favorite anime and manga, but I don't know why.  A couple of other favorite anime of mine are:  Vandread and Kyo Kara Maoh.  I've only read a few manga as of yet.  So, I don't have much to say about them.  I tend to like my characters to have trust issues - again I don't know why.  I also like my main characters to have a little mystery around their origins.  Maybe because I'm a female, I prefer the lead character to be male.  At least my favorites usually have male lead characters, but I will also watch female lead characters, too.  They just aren't my favorites.  For a long time, I have been a fan of:  Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Comedy in both books, tv, and movies.  Anime seems to encompass many of the qualities that I like and look for in those genres.  The anime that got me started was a mecha:  Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  

My hope is that before I die, I will have spent one year of my life watching anime.  

Since I like HKBATTOSAI's rating system, I've decided to adopt it for myself:

- a relatively simple guide to what the ratings mean:

≤1 - Awful (no entertainment value, enough said; absolutely no replay value)
2 - Poor (entertained, a little; minuscule replay value)
3 - Fair (entertaining enough to usually finish it; low replay value)
4 - Good (worth watching, even owning; good replay value)
5 - Excellent (watch it, buy it, you won't regret it; high replay value)

Thank you HKBATTOSAI for an easy to understand rating system.  It can be found on HK's Profile page.

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Sirscaredyclaude Apr 12, 2022

The lady Yuko was also the best thing about either Sorcerer Hunters, Tekkaman Blade, Black Jack or Digimon.

I believe that Yayoi Fujimoto died of the same disease several years ago also. She would have been the same age as Wakana Yamazaki or Michiko Neya. Other than that, I'm glad that a J-Pop singer who voiced Chi from Chobits is the new Morrigan Aesland. Yes, I'm talking about Rie Tanaka, a talented xennial.

By the way, I found out later that Sanae Kobayashi did Madlax (I miss Bee Train), Lucy and Canon Memphis in the same year.

Canon Memphis' American VA who used to do Nurse Joy, did a great job also and I hope that she's okay in California after all those horrific events happened there. The same goes for the other Bang Zoom people or Viz dubbers; whichever party that dubbed Bleach, Tiger & Bunny or Naruto.

Everyone knows that former 4Kids people are from New York like the lady who originally dubbed Nurse Joy then dubbed a Code Geass, IGPX, Mermaid Saga or Bleach character later in her career.

Personally, I would move somewhere far away from California; there should be a better place.

Anyway, I still can't wait for the new Tsukihime anime to come out and future Macross movies that a Den of Geek article mentioned. If I were the Harmony Gold CEO, then I would hire the Bang Zoom or Ocean people (would have to negotiate with them directly in Canada) for expert dubbing.

Sirscaredyclaude Apr 11, 2022

Thanks for taking your time to respond. By the way, it's been years since I last watched Gurenn Lagann. I also haven't seen the original Fafner and Zegapain in a very long time either.

Speaking of Fafner, there's supposed to be a new installment coming out this year. Some Pisces lady told me that a new Tsukihime is coming and I can't wait to watch it. Still, the original is easy to binge watch like most OVAs.

Personally, I think that Tsukihime is the best of Type Moon franchises even though I haven't seen Garden of Sinners yet. I also just finished re-watching Tenchi Muyo and RIP to Yuko Mizutani.

Sirscaredyclaude Apr 10, 2022

Hello Lady Jean! So what do like most Meia Gisborn?

HKBattosai Jun 30, 2019

Ljean3386 said..."Thank You for the Welcome."

My pleasure. I look forward to welcoming people to this awesome place.

"I've been busy inputing my anime and think that I've got most of my ratings in, too.  I hope you don't mind, but I decided to use your 1-5 rating system from your Profile Page.  My rating system was probably a bit on the strict side."

I don't mind at all. I'm flattered that you like it well enough to use it.

"I'm not sure how to go about creating a Profile Avatar since I've never had one before.  Do you know where I can find information on procedure?"

Actually, it's relatively simple. If your on the website while a computer, log in and click on the default avatar. Brief guidelines will pop up telling what is needed in order to have one. 400kb or smaller and at least 140x140 in dimensions. That's about all there is.

Hope that helps!


HKBattosai Jun 28, 2019

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you are enjoying your time here! ^_^

If you have any questions feel free to comment back at me, or you can check out our awesome forum >here< as well. The community is small, but amazing and growing! In addition, A-P has plenty to offer in anime, manga and so much more, including being able to watch anime free starting right >here<. It doesn't get much better than that! And if manga is your thing, then check >here< for an excellent way to search our detailed manga database. Make sure to take advantage of all that A-P has to offer. Sayōnara!