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BlueGrey Jan 4, 2018

Well even though she's young she has great control over bats in the anime you can see her using the all the time plus she's lol I bait \(^o^)/

Akatingmo Jan 27, 2016

 She is shown to deeply care about her family, more specifically, Karin.

One notable trait of hers is her loyalty and care for her big sister, as she is always shown to be concerned of Karin's well being and would be willing to sacrifice her own happiness in exchange for her sister's.

And wouldn't hesitate to defend her if someone were to bring harm to her.

karley Nov 1, 2015

you're a dumbass you realize Kyoko's wish was for people to listen to her dad's sermons meaning her wish was ALSO slefless.           "I don't like Sayaka or Mami very much because they were selfless freaks who made their wishes for other people but I loved Nagisa and added Madoka simply because she gave it a lot of thought. Homura was okay in the series but sucked in Rebellion. Kyoko is my favorite."

Sianeka Aug 24, 2015

Hello!! I hope you have been enjoying your time on a-p!!  ^_^