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Lvelez2319 Jan 8, 2022

She also looks like Inori from Guilty Crown.

UltrAngel Nov 30, 2016

What do you mean with ''anything else going for them''?apologies, I'm not a native english speaker.

andreaaaaaa Nov 28, 2015

ehhh. YOu loathe kirito, i loathe you

Sianeka Oct 17, 2015

KyokoMagica42 says...  Ah, I see. That was my opinion though, so there's no point in saying that........oh well.

So sorry for the long delay in responding - I got busy IRL and haven't been on site as much as usual!  Characters I hate more than Nia Teppelin include Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha and Nadia La Arwall from Nadia: Secret of Blue Water.  (I used to think I hated Kagome the most, but no, it is truly Nadia I hate!!!)

YasuoMaidana Sep 25, 2015

Hi, as I see, you are new in this social page. :D. What animes have you seen??