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Sianeka Mar 30, 2016

Hello again, and thanks for adding reviews on Anime-Planet! It’s really appreciated.

However, the site has recently launched some changes and now has a few new privacy levels for reviews, including ‘Private’ (to be able to take personal notes), and ‘People who visit my profile’ for short reviews, impressions, or even one liners that can be seen in your profile, or everywhere across the site for those who follow you. Here’s a full writeup of the privacy levels.

Your review has been changed to ‘People who visit my profile’ status - you’ll see a small eye icon (that only you or your followers will see) next to this review titles. The review for this is actually a bit too short for a Community review.  If you eventually decide to turn this into a longer review feel free to change the privacy level back to “Everyone” status.

Thanks again, and let me know if you have any questions!

Sianeka Feb 5, 2016

Hello!! I hope you have been enjoying your time on a-p!!  ^_^

spapag2 Jan 21, 2016

Hi!! Welcome to A-P! ~

I hope you find lots of new anime and manga, make new friends, and most importantly have fun ~ so enjoy your time here ^.^

If you have any questions or just want to talk, please feel free to reply! 

skysoffie Jan 20, 2016

I'll watch it, thanks for the suggestion!