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Nov 15, 2016


The latest child of the Semi;Colon family brings cults, magic and what not into the mostly sci-fi house.

Now how is the Semi;Colon family living...

Everyone goes to school, Stein-kun is the most popular and educated student, Chaos-senpai will soon graduate, Robotics-san tries her best to have better grades while Occultic keeps meeting with his friend A1Pics who manipulates him into doing no good, doesn't respect his teachers, paints grafitti (the bad looking ones, not the masterpieces) and also is hyperactive.

Everytime Occultic talks to you, your head starts to hurt because you try so hard to listen to him but there has never been a human being capable of absorbing so many informations at once.

Now really...

O;N the anime is rushed so much that you can even hear the need to put everything into 12 episodes. You can't feel the mystery because the characters talk so fast even eminem would be impressed. Scenes are rapid so you won't get the chance to show some empathy.

Animation isn't that bad but it is neither new or special, except the noses and the girl with rack so big it would probably cause 3 types of cancer in the real world. Other than the overall rush which also affects animation there isn't anything wrong with it.

I would like to know count of how many times did the VA's bite their tongues...

Out of all so far known characters, the only like-able one is maybe the trans bartender, MC is retard, Big Rack Grill can't be more weird, Streamer Girl is a hoax because she haven't show cleavage in any of her streams which is impossible, Wise Guy is ok.

The overall idea of O;N is so far nice, unless the giant tits are somehow relevant to the plot I categorize them as a brain fart of author as well as the random alien taser she brings up which doesn't make any sense. And the way A1 handeled the adaptation doesn't help it at all...

Episode 9 edit: There was a scene of 2 characters talking and you could literally hear that their voice lines overlap eachother.

8/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
3/10 overall

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