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D4RKS3NS3I Jun 11, 2022

Well, if you are looking for those type of manga, I would suggest the following:

- Hellper

- Overgeared

- Teenage Mercenary

- Count Over (a lil one shot from one of my fav one shot artists jashdjah)

SentorDice Jun 2, 2022

A little bird told me that you are interested in reading manga. I have two recommendation. A manga called Vagabond. It's a autobiographical manga about the legendary Japanese swords man,  philosopher, and ronin. 
really opens your eyes up, and makes you rethink your life, and your views on the world around you.

But I don't know your preferences, so if that manga doesn't sound interesting. But then i have another one.

It's called "I sold off my lifespan , for 10,000 yen a year"

Unable to make ends meet in Japan with his part-time job, 19 year old Kusonoki prepares to sell the last of his possessions.

After visiting a library to sell books, the clerk tells Kusonoki of a place where he can sell his lifespan for actual money.

Everything between how impactful someone is to the world and how many people you have affected is taken into consideration for your lifespan.

After a complicated path towards this fabled place, he enters the store and meets a mysterious girl named Miyagi.

After a couple hours for his evaluation, Kusonoki is informed his lifespan is only worth ¥300,000 (about $3000), abysmally lower than the universal average.

Realizing that his future is worthless, he decides to sell it keeping only 3 months so he may enjoy the money. The next day he awakens to Miyagi knocking on his door.

As a policy of the company, she was sent to watch over Kusonoki for the next 3 months until his death. What follows is an introspective journey pondering themes such as potential, true happiness, and what makes time valuable.

I found out about this manag By the youtuber Gigguk, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JForD3F9a5E

Those two were just my own recommendations, maybe they are something for you. Go and check them out if you are interested.

D4RKS3NS3I May 31, 2022

sure, what type of manga are you looking for?

D4RKS3NS3I May 28, 2022


SentorDice May 22, 2022

Why the little child, you pedo????!??!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!