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Bloodlord739 Mar 13, 2021

Oh cool! I plan to watch it myself, butchered or not its my kinda taste lol. Plus my brother and sister have both watched it and my sister really liked it, I know cause she keeps telling me to watch it kek

I don't like reading books/novels all that much but I am starting to get into manga a wee bit.

Hope your having a nice day :)

Bloodlord739 Mar 12, 2021

Hey cool cover photo! May I ask where its from?

airbornefilip Jul 9, 2013

Thanks for an answer, they certainly do seems interesting. When I cut my 'Want to watch' list, I'll need some suggestions again. :)

After watching Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru, it's quite easy to spot stuff like that. Hikigaya is somehow 'unique' and easy-to-remember character so seeing similarities is easy.

ThatAnimeSnob Jun 1, 2012

Unfortunately being analytical and being spoilerish is the same thing. You can add an asterist and mention how you explain yourself in the spoiler section after the end of the review. This way anyone who wants to avoid them, will stop where the spoiler section begins.

If you want to chat about a show, my skype name is roriconfan1.

If the hero is blunt, a show tends to be dull even if it has a fast pace. And in this case the problem was the overuse of magic to the point many things were random.

ThatAnimeSnob Jun 1, 2012

It's fine to offer a counter-opinion to most but you MUST explain your opinion properly or it will feel like you are a fool. He are a few things that you need to clarify.

"The fact that it's a mecha anime might turn you away"

Don't talk like everybody hates mecha like you, I personally like them.

"It's not often you see an anime with an awesome, complex plot like this."

What are you talking about? We get at least two mecha shows with complicating plots per year.

"Asura Cryin' is pretty much the only anime that I consider to be on the heavy side yet enjoy re-watching often, and the reason for that might be how well it blends light school life with epic adventure and fantasy action."

There are several dozen anime that do that, usually better.

"the plot is the strongest point of this anime."

You mean the script. Almost everybody admits the plot was slow and dull. Read some comments to realize that.