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Tyranid5 Dec 26, 2011

You wanna talk about Boku wa? I was one of the mods in charge of that series this last season, although I mostly got what everyone else missed. But i don't remember any oreimo cameos, I could be really wrong. Would you be able/willing to talk about it at all?

Kari5 Dec 21, 2011

Thanks for all your recent submissions to the character database. I just wanted to let you know we can't use any of the photos you submitted because they are not the right size. All photos must be between 130x180 and 130x200 pixels in size. The characters should be forward facing, have their eyes open, the lighting shouldn't be too dark, and the photos cannot be taken from other sites (aka google). If you have any questions, check out the guidelines or send me a message. 

Tyranid5 Dec 10, 2011

Hey I know that you really want the manga relations to be added. But can you hold off on re-submitting. Your old submissions are still there, I know where they are. I just haven't gotten around to looking through the manga. I know that it doesn't take long, I've been busy with lots of other things. Sorry for taking so long. I hope to have it done like next week (i hope).