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Some many years ago someone recommended ‘Ghost in the Shell’ as one of the best Sci-Fi films ever made. Whilst I initially turned my nose up at the thought and prospect of a 'cartoon' being the best Sci-Fi ever, I proceeded to reel off many Sci-fi films that I considered classics of the genre but my friend at the time stuck to his guns and continued to recommend ‘Ghost in the Shell’ to me. One weekend I relented and picked up the film on VHS! And thus begun my on/off love affair with anime that has kept me gripped, thrilled, annoyed, frustrated, infuriated, captivated but above all else entertained.

Although I wouldn’t call myself an ardent follower of anime, more a casual watcher who sees something that peaks his interest and then dives straight in. As of late though I’ve been diving in a lot more frequently as shows and films have peeked my interest more and more and have proved to be thoroughly entertaining choices all round. Although ‘Ghost in the Shell’ remains the greatest anime of all time (according to me!) the accompanying anime list is growing exponentially with every passing show and film that I watch, surely that is good thing, right?

I don't see too much of a point in adding anime I watched before I joined this site. I would only be speculating at the amount of times I've watched 'Ghost in the Shell' and 'Akira' before joining here. (Give me a break; I can barely remember what I had for breakfast let alone what I watched 5/10 years ago!) So here is every anime show and film and all that’s in between that has graced my screen since 17th October 2015....

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Simok123 Jun 25, 2016

Sorry I'm a month late, but you asked on my Monogatari Series list if Katanagatari fits anywhere in the series. It's not part of Monogatari at all, but it is by the same author. I haven't seen it myself yet but I've heard it's very good. 

Kougami Apr 27, 2016

Well, after four months away from life, the internet and everything in between; its time to get my anime back on! :D

Sianeka Dec 26, 2015

Kougami says...  Durarara!! is well worth a rewatch, in fact it stands up better I think second time round as you know what's happening and can see how everything falls into place that you missed the first time round. 'Green Green' is just plain bad, although it finds its heart in the last two episodes it had already lost me due to annoying characters and shoddy plotting. I'm not adverse to the ecchi genre, in fact I really loved 'High School DxD', 'Kore wa Zombie desu ka?' and 'Rosario to Vampire' but 'Green Green' is just plain bad on so many levels; my advice? Avoid!

I want to do this rewatch soon! *smile*  I can see what you are saying, I think I -would- catch more of it and enjoy it more the second time around!

I have no problem with watching ecchi, but it isn't something I seek out.  As a consequence, I've neevr seen High Schood DxD, Rosario to Vampire nor Green Green and only a couple of epidodes so far of Kore wa Zombie...  Of these, I have no plans to watch Rosario in future.  And now, due to your advice, no plans to watch Green either...

Kougami says...  I just started 'Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood' and I can easily see why its the top rated show here, I'm really enjoying it at the moment and been trying to sneak in the odd episode during work hours! :) I see you gave it 4 and a half rating, does it slow down a little or a few filler episodes pop up?? Well, if I don't chat to you before hand; have a great Christmas, take care and chat laters! :)

I rated FMAB before I'd created my current rating system, back at a time when I gave almost everything a 3 star rating.  My ratings back then lacked the consistency and meaning that my ratings nowadays have.  I always suspected that if I did a rewatch of FMAB it might become my first 5-star anime using my current system... I'm doing a rewatch of it now, so we will see! (I think my original rating may have been skewed by how disappointed I was in how the original FMA ended.)

At any rate, FMA and FMAB -are- a couple of my favorite and most highly rated shows, so I'm glad you are watching and enjoying! *smile*

PS my Christmas day was wonderful, and I look forward to enjoying the rest of the holiday season.  I hope you do as well!

Sianeka Dec 22, 2015

Kougami says...  Oh counterproductive is my middle name, in saying that I do have a fair bit of crap I could trim off the list! (Wish I'd done this before subjecting myself to the horror that is Green Green!) I still curse the guy that recommended that one to me! :(I managed to clear Durarara!! over weekend and start Coppelion (It was a slow weekend!) Not really getting along with Coppelion, finding it seems to be lacking any solid direction to head in, see your down as watching it on your list, what do you think of it? I got a couple of episodes left so may as well finish it up. Durarara!! on the other hand was as awesome as I remember the first time I watched it and has made me highly excited for season 2, hope it gets a Blu-Ray release in the UK.

I want to do a rewatch of Durarara more than ever now! hahaha  I've never seen Green Green and from what you say here, it is prolly not something I want to see for a good long time! (It's not really very highly rated on the site - 2.7)

Started watching Coppelion with one of my anime groups but it didn't really catch on.  We haven't gotten back to it yet and I was not intrigued enough to watch it on my own.

Lately a friend convinced me to get into Fairy Tail again, and I'm liking it much better than I did the first time I started it.  also have started Wolf's Rain cause been on my Want to Watch list for a long time.

Sianeka Dec 20, 2015

Kougami says...  Yeah, I seem to get a bit carried away with my want to watch list. People give me recommendations and I add them, got a few friends on FB who seem to constantly throw recommendations at me and in case I forget them I add them to my list. I'm never going to get through them all so I'll have to trim the list a bit, being Christmas week I'll have very little work to do so I'll make a more productive use of my time and fix my list. :(Thank you for your recommendations, I'll add them to my list :) I actually own Eden of the East on Blu-Ray and although I've seen it just the once I really enjoyed it and will give it another go again soon. I'm currently going through Durarara!! for a second time, I'm going to try and clear it by the end of the weekend. I see you gave it 3 and half stars; what did you think of it?

Do you realize you said you'd fix and trim your Anime List and also add my recommendations to it all in the same breath?  Seems a bit counterproductive! hahahaha  Probably something not quite right with that plan... 

I liked Durarara! quite a bit, especially interested in hearing more of Celty's character and story.  I liked it so much I sought out Baccano! right afterwards, but had too much on my plate at the time and couldn't dedicate proper time and attention to it.  So I was confused as all get out and dropped it.  I do plan to get back into it again, though. 

And I was excited to hear of the second season of Durarara!! and will prolly do rewatch of original just before I start S2 of it.