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I liked the concept of her being a sword and the complications that has on her psychology. I'm unsure if I will route continously for this couple unlike the instnaces of Lady Baby which I also adore. The story, so far, hasn't had any major moments which made it seem enjoyable. I feel like this would be better recieved if it had been a novel. The complexites of this tale are deeper then what I believe many are to presume. 

Imagine. You've grown up your entire life yearning for love. Any form of attention, so you work you're hardest to earn it. When you believe you'll finally get a glimmer of that love, it turns out to be nothing but a lie. Then for the next 400 years you are down to the whims of men in power, those who wield you like you're nothing. It's an intense, intense abusive relationship.

The trauma that has to be displayed in this character are hard to protray. I think the writer and artist have done the best they can. I understnad why there are some reviews which call the manga out for having an OP character, but she isn't perfect. She is a cold, steel sword. She is extremly emotionally stunted and doesn't ackowledge the people around her wholeheartedly. 

This is going to be a long, slow read, but if the author manages the storyline well then I can look forward to an emotional read. This isn't a pleasureable read for me with face slapping and other things. It's a read I have to anaylsis and dissect because 400 years with losing your humanity. That isn't something simple.  

7/10 story
10/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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