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Oct 14, 2021

I say above that it is a shoujo manga but as per the title it's a bit edgier than most (heh). All of the stories are tragedies in one way or another but they are not overly self-serious, or rather they are way too over-dramatic to take seriously.

The mangaka, Kaori Ozaki (The Gods Lie, Immortal Rain), was herself a teenage girl (16 to 19) when she wrote these seven one-shots that each time tell the story of a different girl of about 18 years old and a boy of similar age or sometimes an older man. Everything seems very anachronistic to our time period now, it is very 90s in its type of story; more crime and less bullying.

The art style is plain but clean. The settings seem influenced but late 80s / early 90s Hollywood films, it doesn't feel like these are set in Japan.

~~art samples

It sounds like this should be bad and maybe it is but the 90s was my decade and I liked being taken back there, but this time seeing it from a girls perspective (which I definitely skipped at the time). If you are looking for something different this is a quick, easy read.


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