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Not much to say about myself. I'm just a guy who loves anime.


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Naga Oct 27, 2013

I see where you’re coming from. When I was still green I didn’t think much about rating, which resulted in me giving 5 stars to everything like it’s no biggie. But after a lot of time I obviously got some experience, not to mention that I saw some really crappy titles which set the boarders.  Around 400 anime watched my critical opinion was starting to form, and I started to notice flaws a lot more (with dialogues, development, clichés and what not)… which all lead to this system of mine, which I’m completely content with… and yeah, I’d say I’m really hard to please now, maybe a lot more cynical than I think…  There are, ofc, anime I loved, but rated low because of x y reasons.

Oh, I love me space cowboys. Right now I’m watching Samurai Champloo form the same director (it’s one of those anime I’ve never finished for some reason, so I got down to it now). I don’t like it as much as I did Bebop. Some episodes are fine, but most of them do very little for the characters and tell the most usual stories without making them look fresh in any way. I’ve finished episode 11 just recently, where Jin tries to help a woman in a brothel, and damn, I was pleased with it. If other episodes were on that level, I think I’d enjoy it a lot more.

True, we all love Mustang.

Ah, my favorite anime to date is Neon Genesis Evangelion. I could write pages and pages about what I liked about it. However, it’s not really an anime for everyone. People usually find it as either hit or miss, but for me, it was an absolute hit.

My pick for the current airing season is Kill la Kill. f you can't stand overly-sexualised women/men, then you're not going to like it much, but I will say that KlK does its fanservice 10 times better your typical ecchi. You won't come across girls tripping on MC, jumping on his D, wet tees or the usual things that make me roll my eyes. KlK does it in a way that it becomes the part of the style (something likeJoJo), and I found myself enjoying it way more than I thought I would. Whether it's Ryuko's transformation sequence, or sensei showing off his flawless nipples, I can't help but to love it. 

About other things; it has that crazy energy that just makes the episode fly away. If you're familiar with FLCL andTTGL, then it would be something in between of those two, not being as mad as former, and not being as over-the-top as latter. It becomes its own thing, of course, and it does a great job with its pacing. First episode is a lot like FLCL with super fast pacing (which I found really entertaining), but after that, it slows down a bit for things to fall in place, which I do prefer in this case. So if you decide to watch it, I'd recommend seeing 2 episodes before you decide if it's not for you. 

This is more about my personal preferences, but here you go: I found it funnier than (99%) of anime I've seen in recent years (of airings, ofc), that old Gainax style of bizarre animation is just my cup of coffee, awesome fights, larger-than-life characters... yada yada, I'm sure you find something to like about it too.

Naga Oct 26, 2013

Hello, random person that friended me. I just randomly saw it and decided that I want to friend you too. :3

What's up with no ratings? It's quite weird to see that, but from your profile pic I'd say that you and me both share are totally-not-unconditional/sexual love for Mustang. What's your favourite anime? Watching something interesting lately?

chii Oct 9, 2013

haha nope no tumblr for me. might start a gag one since a few friends have been bugging me about it but ehh we'll see

you should totally watch more on that top list haha! the one on here has all of my top anime so you should check that out too :)

Zarrokian Mar 6, 2013

clicked on the user tab and saw you as a random user and thought your avatar was awesome so i thought id swing by and tell ya... 

puriful Nov 6, 2012

Hello! Thanks for taking my Name That Character test! 

I was thinking about making another one, but considering that blogs may be axed soon... sad day :(  

Anyway, nice to meet you! ^_^