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"Now, since I have nothing better to do, I gonna go bug him."

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awfulsleep Jul 17, 2018

I hope you enjoy your time here and we can be great friends!

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Jaymeein May 6, 2014

Hello! I would like to inform you that the blog feature is going to be removed from Anime-Planet in about 2 months as a part of the website redesign. This is happening because there aren't many people using the blog feature, the majority of the posts in the blog section are spam, and the blog coding is both timely and costly to main. If you have some things you would like to keep from there, it is suggested that you move them to another place on the website if you haven't already.

For the most part, your posts are going to go into the forums. I would like to note that forum profiles are currently seperated from Anime-Planet accounts, so you are going to need to make one of those if you don't have one. You must make a forum profile in order to post things in the forums. Though the central part of the site and the forums are often thought of as integrated, they are actually two different areas.

If you are uncertain as to where you should put your important blog post(s), just message me or post a comment on my profile and I will try my best to help you place that information in the appropriate place(s).

Vampires Dec 21, 2012

Here comes Vi!

Vampires Dec 17, 2012

Realy? Nujautiai ? Koks tavo nick?

Vampires Dec 16, 2012

Nick mano and LoL yra Deadind ai ir Persona 4 FTW!