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blazehack Sep 22, 2012

Your reviews are superb budd!! keep up the good work ^_^

RingoStarr1991 Aug 8, 2012

Hmm its tough to recommend anything you haven't watched yet. I see that you are watching Amagami SS however, stick with that and if you like it watch it's second season, Amagami SS+. They are both really well done and they way they went about the episode structure for each character was a breath of fresh air compaired to other anime baised off of games.

Also stick with Rec its a short but really enjoyable romance anime. It completly caught me off guard.

Bankai000 Aug 5, 2012

Seriously great reviews you've written today, keep going bro.

Bankai000 Aug 5, 2012

About your review regarding S;G, You went into the details too much but that's what I like about this review, learned alot of stuff that I didn't know before especially regarding the novel, I only watched the anime without playing the game or even reading the novel but still I found the anime very nice and enjoyable, almost perfect in every aspects. Great review keep it up.