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kio3459 Nov 8, 2011

keep up the good reviews!

Melourn Aug 30, 2011

You betcha! I'm glad my review was helpful to you! I'll probably write some more at some point, but there's no telling when. I just finished watching Redline...wow. I went to check out the reviews and see if anyone else had already said what I would have said- and they were right on the money- well, aside fromt he two that gave the movie a 6 or 7. 9 or 10 is much more like it. Redline was superb! A must see imho.

Melourn Aug 29, 2011

I did another review. This time, I did a review for an anime that lacked any whatsoever, it is called Tailenders.Below is a link to see the review if you'd like.



Melourn Aug 27, 2011

I just finsihed writing a review for Planetes. Leave me a comment or let me know what you think on my page. Thanks! TTFN


Melourn Aug 26, 2011

Thanks! I have thought about writing reviews, but they are just so time consuming. Answering other people's reviews with a comment just seems to be easier overall, lol. Besides, the formating involved is so cumbersome! I very rarely have much to say, aside from the general views that other people have already posted. I'll try to work up the effort to write a review on Planetes, which I have only just started watching about five minutes from now (12:02am EST - 8/26/2011). TTFN!