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Lover of "bad" anime and also, I currently only watch English Dubs!


About me:

Hello People!

I am Tibbz, I love anime and started watching anime when I was just a little kid in Germany. When I moved to England in 2003 I stopped watching anime since we didn't have TV and I didn't know about Internet streaming yet :P So I never watch anime until I came across an online sim dating game (I don't play sim dating games, it was something I found on Newgrounds) of Love Hina. The art looked amazing and I thought to myself that I know the style from somewhere. So I decided to search Love Hina on google and was once again reunited with Anime ^_^

I've been watching anime again since 2010, Once I watched Love Hina, I wanted to find more anime like Love Hina, and by the power of google found Rosario + Vampire, which at the time I loved (Yet again this was only like the 2nd anime I had seen in a long long time). Now, I've moved away from the Harem genre and typically enjoy mostly anything.

Also I Love reading manga, I havnt made a manga list since I have read so many already and have lost count of what ones I have read :( I still know the names of quite a few, but some of the manga I havnt finished reading, or have stopped reading, and for a lot of them I dont have a track of where I left off, so the list wouldnt be very accurate or informative, so that is why I decided not to go into making one, or rather, I didnt finish creating the list :)

After spending some time watching anime, and always being interested in voice actors, I decided to try my hand at voice acting and have the pleasure to voice some characters on online projects and animations. Nothing major. But just recently decided to pursue a career in voice-overs. I started this goal at the beginning of 2017 and am still working my way into hopefully one day, being cast to voice a character in a Japanese anime (English Dub)

My Fav Genres:

I watch mostly everything, but my fav Genres of anime have to be; Comedy, Romance and Isekai

My Least Fav Genres:

Once again, I would watch almost everything. But here are somethings I would avoid most of the times; Sci-Fi

Im not a Sci-Fi fan at all.... Also I hate anime that purely revolve around Fan-Service... To that I say "Do not want!"

My List:

It may seem like I drop a lot of anime that I watch >_> However to defend that, I have watched much more anime than there are on my list atm :P I just cant remember them since I started making a list way after I started watching anime :D I dropped a few more also >_< But thats Beside the point :P


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fluffyflea Nov 15, 2015

Nope--NOPE. Don't you dare apologise for your late response. LOOK AT HOW LAZY I'VE BECOME. TTnTT I'm sorry for the uber late reply. I'm inundated with assignments since I've gone and done the stupid thing of furthering my studies. -Dives at you and gives you a over due hug- Hope you're doing fine~ Talk to you soon again hopefully ^^

buzzingbumble Jun 15, 2015

If you ever make it out to a convention take plenty of pictures for me! I'd love to see all of your convention adventures! Haha. Also, if you ever make it to one in Texas I'd love to hang out with you. We have one of the biggest conventions in the States actually, which was the one I went to this last time. It was really fun. uwu 

Oooh Germany?! Take pictures of architecture and the scenery there! I was gonna go last year but our trip plans had changed and we had to take both Germany and Amsterdam out of the schedule, we ended up visiting Switzerland, Italy and France instead which was still really fun! 

Yeah I just recently started getting back into manga actually! I'm reading Oyasumi Punpun right now and then I'm gonna go and reread DBZ probably ouo 

buzzingbumble Jun 7, 2015

I am good friend! I've been really busy as of late too, but now the summer time is upon me and all I'm really doing is working! Well, except for this weekend. I've been spending my weekend in Dallas going to A-Kon! Which is a really big anime convention that we have here in Texas.

So far its been tons of fun! Today is the last day of the convention so its a little bittersweet. I am looking forward to going home and getting some rest though! 

I'm super glad to hear that you are well! I was actually thinking about you the other day so I guess my thoughts brought you back! Haha. <3 

buzzingbumble Mar 26, 2015

*touches your face* 

Friend you have been much quiet. How are you? 

fluffyflea Feb 17, 2015


Thank you ~ And welcome back to you too!!Awh Uni can be so time consuming -- I'm glad you're back now again too~At least you can play catch up.Eh? My Cousin's are into Runescape too!What anime have you been watching ne?I've been watching Book of Murder and DRRRx2~ *7* I've been good thank you, busy but good. How about you~?