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I'm a bookworm who is a awesome friend in my opinion and enjoys the little things in life. I love writing stories and watching movies. Also I am a big fan of ANIME!!! 

 If you want to be my friend or just want to talk about some stuff just let me know. 

I am not a very jugdmental person so you will not be ignored or insulted in anyway unless provoked. 

Fanfiction is awesome and so is Marvel and food and family. 

Top 3 Anime so Far:

1.  My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia GIF

2. One Piece

                                     One Piece GIF

3. One Punch Man

one punch man preview GIF

Top 3 Anime Movies:

1. The Boy and the Beast

martial arts GIF by Funimation

2. Spirited Away

happy studio ghibli GIF

3. Hotarubi no Mori e

hotarubi no mori e prank GIF

Top 3 Male Characters:

                         1. Roronoa Zoro                                     2. Aizawa Shouta                                        3. Hatake Kakashi

roronoa zoro GIF   my hero academia sleeping GIF by Funimation  Hatake Kakashi GIF

Top 3 Female Characters:

1. Haruhi Fujioka                                                          2. Chihiro Ogino                           3. Lucy Heartfillia

ouran high school host club 30 day anime challenge GIF                            spirited away flowers GIF             fairy tail GIF

Some of my favorite quotes!!! 



History Lover 

I also have a fond love of Pinterest and can also rec fanfics if you want. 

           Favorite Color: Turquoise 

Favorite Intro List/One Piece AMV's


Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Drink: Coca Cola

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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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KodamaSpirit Sep 7, 2018

Hey! I had never heard of Sarah J. Maas...

My favourite genres are Fantasy, Mystery, Horror and Sports (ಠ.ಠ) I'm also a big fan of time travel, if I had a power I would like it to be time travel! History is one of my favourite subjects, so witnessing what happened would me amazing!

Nope, I've never created an OC, tell me about your OCs, I would love to know more! XD

I love the quotes you added to your profile! My favourite is this one: 

  • "Manga endings might always be the same. However...when it comes to life, neither you and I are are mere readers. We are the writers. We can change anything. - Sakata Gintoki 'Gintama' 

From your movie preferences you seem to like Japanese Mytholy a lot! Same here!! I have a friend who suggested this blog to me, maybe you might like it as well ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

See ya soon! <3

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KodamaSpirit Sep 7, 2018

Hey there fellow bookworm!!! (*・∀-)☆ Tkx a lot for following me! What have you been reading? I'm finishing For Whom The Bell Tolls, have you read it? You're from Hogwarts as well? Haven't seen you around, maybe you're in another house... (*≧▽≦) Writing stories, watching movies and anime, just from reading the first paragraph I feel like I'm reading something I could have written myself XD

Fanfiction, Marvel, Food and Family *tick, tick, tick and tick* What kind of fics do you like the most!? I've been reading so much angst lately...o(*^▽^*)o and I like fluff :) Infinity War killed me! I'm writing this from my grave and I ain't gonna believe what happened there is final. Cause I'm ready to erase it from my mind and just stay at Avengers 2 / Yeah, food is life (my username is all about food ໒( ͡ᵔ ▾ ͡ᵔ )७ ) and what would be of us without family!? You seem to have your priorities straight!

I see a My Hero Academia gif shinning as your favourite anime... Girl, I'm so glad you've followed me XD Haven't seen One Piece and One Punch Man but it's definitely on my to watch list, I just don't have the time XD

Spirited Away is beautiful *you have such good taste in anime*

Got to leave something to say about your profile in another comment, I feel the fangirling symptoms starting to emerge  *cough, cough, Aizawa, cough, Kakashi, cough, cough*

Peace out!! (✌’ω’)✌

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Taigasaur Sep 5, 2018


Taigasaur Sep 5, 2018

Kk that's fine my acc is:

Taigasaur Sep 4, 2018

But could i get to know your wattpad user plz?