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My name is Kirti. Only added an "u" to my name because to make it an accent of some sort. Had exchange students who had a bit of a trouble pronouncing my name, which kind of sounded like Kiruti.


I'm a sleepaholic with terrible sleep patterns. Even if I "fix" it, it still reverts back to being terrible. 


I just have a tendency to stress a lot and get overwhelmed very fast. Especially getting dumped with a lot of things on me, including games, shows, manga, etc.  




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nightmarexshinobi Sep 12, 2020

Dancing kitties! <3

OkamiHime95 Jul 31, 2020


Ah, I see! Yeah, it certainly does, thank you! ^_^ 

I can't remember where she was at, but my Great Aunt found a bunch of Snowy Owl's and took pictures of them. (My profile pic is one of them. :3 )

ScorpioVelvet Jul 31, 2020

By the way, you look amazing in that new photo avatar of yours, too! *thumbs up*

ScorpioVelvet Jul 31, 2020

Hey, Kiruti!

Thank you so much for the reply back along with those (belated) birthday wishes, and good to hear you're doing all right like I am so far these days....

The hot rod that my father got is yellow, of course. He will be taking me on a ride sometime this weekend (if possible) because my brother's got day-off on Sunday.

I've heard some good things about Final Fantasy Tatics, yet will soon check that out in the future (gameplay looks interesting). Can't believe you haven't played anything else based off the franchise, you need to like play one of the classic titles someday soon. XD

I've seen The Host, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Wall-E, and Lawrence of Arabia - those are all very good films (I love both The Host (re-watched that eariler this year, btw) & Lawrence of Arabia the most). I am quite surpirsed to see you've finally gotten into watching some Korean horror, I still have yet to see both Train To Busan & The Wailing, though. I did watch the TV adaptation for Snowpiercer, only gotten into the first two episodes at the moment (yet need to catch up & also watch the original film). Joon-Ho is a brilliant filmmaker with a unique style in storytelling I'll tell you that. :D 

Oh, I know you told me not to watch this one (It Follows) but my brother brought it up the other night when I was watching an episode of Dirty Pair and ended up watching It Follows for the first time. I've found it quite surprisingly good & creepy (with its storytelling). How it was done serves as a huge throwback to the best '80s horror films I'd see on VHS (like A Nightmare On Elm Street, for example) in style of its flmmaking & the soundtrack (rivaling Carpenter's).

Feel free to see more art I did on my DeviantArt page if you're curious to see what's new with my art life, too. :)

Thanks again for dropping by, you've just truly made my day (great to hear from you once more as always) and cannot ever forget "wereleopard nudists" too. XD

Wish you having a nice weekend in conclusion. ;)

OkamiHime95 Jul 29, 2020

Hi! How are you? :)

I forgot to ask yesterday, and I really hope it's not a stupid question, but how do you PM someone on Discord that's not added as a friend? (Of course I'd only PM those that gave me permission to do so with them, but I was curious.)

Anyway, hope you have a great day, and I'll see you around on the server. :)