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Whyamiheresigh Dec 19, 2016

My brother has actually been trying to get me to watch zero no tsukaima. It seemed like an overdone story line, but I'll give it a watch in due time. Thanks for the recommendation :)

Garethp Apr 25, 2016

Wow, this was 5 years ago. I'm trying to think how far I got in before I reviewed it. If memory serves correctly, I got to about Episode 5 in this anime. I expected it to be quite short, probably a 12 or 24 episode run. It may have evolved in to a better anime over time, but frankly if I found the anime to be as bad as I wrote here, then I don't know if I could sit through the first ten episodes of an anime I so thoroughly did not enjoy in order to see if I might enjoy more of it.

If you enjoy it, that's great. If you think my review is wrong, feel free to write your own. I barely even remembered that I wrote this review in the first place, it was so long ago, and I don't think I've written any more reviews since. 

Volphied Feb 4, 2016

Hi! Do I know you?

delmar2708 Aug 24, 2015

Oh. I kind of got distracted from it and decided that it wasn't worth it to continue.

delmar2708 Aug 24, 2015

Hi Kirito. I liked the first season of Log Horizon and the first half of the second season. Part of the reason why I didn't give it a good rating is because I havn't finished watching it yet. I'll revise my review though ( I had some problems with my computer yesterday so I might have made inaccurate rattings.) If it makes you feel better, I downloaded the log horizon soundtrack :D