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This story is nothing like the synopsis. Its cringe asf. It also is a mess with plots and political stuff that gets dropped and then new stuff is added. Its just a mess. I don't often call other peoples work garbage. But this is. It's straight trash. 

Here is an example of some of the cringe. 

Nina sends 13yrs old Iris into the city to turn an errand she literally bumps into some old guys who decide hey lets gangrape her in the middle of the day in a crowd of people bc shes pretty. Then this guy Rei comes up and kicks one of the guys in the back and they all slink away threatening revenge. Rei then turns to Iris and tells her that she's at fault bc she's dressed "like that" although the whole time all shes wearing is her school uniform then a few panels down he gets mad at her for guiding her into a dark alley calling her a little ** saying he isn't interested in children. 

Hmm yes correct Rei it doesn't matter how shes dressed a child is a child very weird and cringe to blame a child for almost being sexually assaulted while wearing their uniform. But yea after that scene later on after a whole bunch of random (and i do mean very random but trying to be serious type of stuff happens) another scene shows Iris and her friend talking about how modest her uniform is and she should change her look.

Things happen that aren't explained. The FL's pretty much become side characters while some war and political stuff just starts randomly happening many chapters the FL's don't make an appearance epecially Nina. Its just random mush, nothing like the synopsis and if I were you I would definitely skip this one. Also please excuse bc English is not my first language so please ignore any errors. 

1/10 story
10/10 art
2/10 characters
1/10 overall
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