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     Feel free to ask or comment on my page. :) I like all sorts of animes. Got a anime you like? Feel free to tell me in the comments section below :) Who knows i probably watched it and like it to XD. I tend to gravitate from Romance and fighting. I really enjoy deep character development and story telling. Series and manga's like One piece and toradora are really like the things i like. I also like shows like erased but i'm not too deep into things like that. Shows that tug at my heart and make cry are really great and enjoy watching them even though they make me cry. 

    I also read manga and i'm really into the pokemon adventures manga rather then anything else. I also like visual novels like da capo and other series. I loved lots of anime but some i either quit watching or something annoyed me when watching it. A example of this was sasuke in naruto. I personally loved the naruto series when i was younger but i really hated sasuke. At first i thought he was going to be a mysterious character but he flip flopped for me. I didn't enjoy watching him threaten to destroy the leaf village and i hated naruto wanting to chase him. 

    I Love listening and talking to people that have the same interests as me. I have listened to j-rock but not all that much so reccomend me some that you enjoy :). I personally like classic rock like in the 70s and such. A couple of them are Cheap trick, Acdc, black sabbath, Yes, Eagles, and etc. I also like Two steps from hell and Brunuhville. I listen to some Anime themes and original soundtracks

    I like to play video games also. Mario, legend of zelda, pokemon, and personally almost any nintendo game. Skyrim is a recent must play game i've been on. Rpg games like final fantasy and kingdom hearts are great games that i enjoy playing as well. Jetforce gemini is a classic that has been on my mind that i use to play as a child. I love rpg games for the most part though. I don't like games like black ops that much besides the zombies parts. I also don't enjoy grand theft auto that much either. Most of the games that i play are for nostalgia.

Short list of Games i enjoy-

-Almost any mario game

-Sonic the hedgehog (Classic)

-Harvest moon series (AKA Story of seasons now) 


-Kingdom hearts


-Final Fantasy (I prefer older ones tho)


-Lunacid and other dungeon crawlers

List of youtubers i watch:

Top 10 favorite Anime Series: 

1. One piece - So many episodes and so many tears XD. I love the characters and enjoy the comedy and actions scenes in this show so much. The back story and emotion from each character is amazing and really well done by oda. The series has been one of my favorites to watch for years now. The music, adventure, emotion and depth for each characters i way the series and manga has done so well and sold so much. The 4kids version sucked but i remember watching it when i was little. 

2. Dragon ball - Alright everyone pretty much knows this show. The action and fighting is so fun to watch for me and i enjoy the journey goku goes through to get stronger. THIS WAS MY GATEWAY TO ANIME!

3. Pokemon (Original Series) - This was my childhood and will forever will be. Just like Yu-gi-oh and dragon ball i spent most of my years after school either watching and playing inspired video games by these well known series. The original will always be one of my favorites. 

4. Yu-gi-oh - Oh yes yu-gi-oh! A well-known and fantastic money making franchise. I read the orginal series and watched season zero and think the author did a great job with it at the start. 

5. Yu Yu Hakusho - SLUG-Fests and Cocky attitudes! This anime is great in its entirety. I actually cried while i watched this series! XD this is one of the series that got me into anime! Toonami was awesome. 

6. Inuyasha - Romance with demons! A awesome series with adventure, Romance, and action combined into one! I really loved staying up late and watching this series on toonami. 

7. Hajime No ippo - Sports are not that appealing to me. But this series stopped that and got me into boxing real quick! This series has great voice acting from both english and japanese people. I really love the emotion and fighting the characters go through just to win. 

8. Hunter X Hunter - Adventure at its finest. I remember watching this series back when i was younger around 9-10 but not knowing what most of the stuff meant. I really loved this series and watch it in english dub since i don't like reading subtitles that often.

9. Jo Jo Bizzare adventure - What can i say this is the shit! i really enjoy watching dio get what he deserved in the very first episode of the series. I haven't read the manga but i hear it is really well recieved kinda like one piece is. This series has great action and comedy. 

10. Accel World - This series is kinda like the SAO anime series. The SAO series wasn't really one of my favorites for some odd reason. But this series spoke to me and the english voice acting is great. The music and the adventure in this game-like world really help to make a great and emotional story.

Though don't be angry if your favorite anime wasn't listened in my list! Nobody is the same for the most part. 

Feel free to comment me your favorite anime any time down below. I'm not always here on anime-planet or the internet for that matter but i will comment on your page if comment on mine. 

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DoodlebugFour Feb 1, 2018

.Hack IMOQ Retrospective pt 1 and 2

Ellogegamer Dec 13, 2017

Hello! I've been fine, thank you! And how have you been?

From this season I'm currently only watching The Ancient Magus' Bride. I'm enjoying it but I'm a little surprised the anime is so high ranked. I guess a lot of people are enjoying it as well. What have you been watching? And what have you been playing? Any visual novel games?

That sucks about your laptop, but yeah, 11 years is a long time for a computer. I hope you get a new one soon, so you can enjoy it properly ^^!

Talk to you later!

DoodlebugFour Nov 3, 2017

Livestream of Launch, and it's confirmed all the english cast has reprised their roles for vol.4.

DoodlebugFour Oct 15, 2017

Kingdom Hearts in a nutshell XD


DoodlebugFour Oct 8, 2017

Digital Devil Saga Battle Themes compiliation

Also DDS2's Rare Devil Theme since it's the only one missing from the vid above