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~Romance Reads With European Ambience~

»» ✦ «« Romance reads with european ambience setting, characters, or social hierarchy. »» ✦ «« This list is a selection of recommendations for this theme. Titles marked with a '✦' are highly recommended. The majority are completed but some may be ongoing series. »» ✦ ««


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NancyDrew1111 Oct 17, 2023

Try the manhwa "S.K.T: Swallow Knights Tales" (2023). It is based on the shounen novel of the same name, where there is both a heterosexual love storyline and BL hints. The protagonist is a 20-year-old man who has dreamed of becoming a knight since childhood, but as a result of an absurd coincidence, he became a host in the Swallow Knights host club, where hosts pretend to be knights. He is a heterosexual cisgender man, but he is very similar in appearance and personality to a sweet and beautiful girl, so he sometimes dresses in women's clothes and pretends to be a girl to deceive other people. Thanks to his androgynous appearance, both girls and boys fall in love with him. His club is subordinate to the king, so the protagonist and his colleagues participate in royal balls and tea parties and other aristocratic events. However, the protagonist still wants to become a knight, so he regularly finds himself in some dangerous adventures or awkward situations.

thatvenetiangirl Sep 12, 2023

Good list! I recommend Secret Lady :)