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Yona of the Dawn

Mar 31, 2016

I'm not done watching this but i think im honestly going to drop this. Its like soooo cliché really. Im reading reviews and they say the story is 10/10 like um no lol? The story feels rushed and the main character,to me of course cause this is my review , is annoying and not really main character-ish or whatever that means . I mean yona is so dumb like shes that one person who will stab you in the back and ask why are you bleeding. Omg and the chibi stuff they do like every episode its unnecessary!! You know what im talking bout right? How like when they have a colorful background and the characters go all chibi and start fusing at each other or something(i would post pic but im on mobile) well they do that in unappropriete situations which makes it unfunny and kind of awkward. The background story of the dragons are silly. Like im at the blue dragon part , almost done with it and  his story sucks its so boring and i never been intrigued watching this anime. You can expect whats going to happen after like 10 episodes or so. Well thats if youre smart i guess. Take this crap off your watching list and want to watch and watched and erase this sh*t from your memory cause its BAD . But im still gonna finish it though... 

6/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.8/10 overall

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nullity Jul 29, 2022

Alr son im ere in 2022. Just here to say: go read the fucking manga 🤓

wtfdidyoudokevin Jan 23, 2022

She needs to not be so.... How do i say this she worried and thought more about the man who killed her father than her father and to add on top of that he wants her and hak dead how can you even think about him? Id wanna kill him tbh🤷

Nemurin238 Nov 14, 2021

If you haven't watched it then why are you making a review about this anime 

Mejustme13 Jun 1, 2021

Maybe it's just not your type of anime. Well, everyone have different taste. But for me, this is a really great anime. I love everything inside this anime and really enjoyed watching it. Maybe you have to try to read the manga. It's amazing.

Kyootieprncss Oct 20, 2020

Well, you reviewed this when you haven't finished it yet. Well, I agree to the one who said you have a bad taste. 🙌