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Nov 22, 2020

Bartender - (2006) Anime Series
*Spoilerfree Review by ~Kevin3651 / Kevin くん* 

So, when you first think about Bartender what comes in your mind ? Something like a person who serves you a drink on a table. Similarly this anime "Bartender" is about a bartender named Sasakura Ryuu whos our main protagonist , the anime tells you about a story of him. Now first of all i wanna clear the fact that this anime is all about bartending so if you guys really like stuff related to it or you wanna try knowing about it this anime is actually really great for you but you need a little patience understanding it so take your time and dont get bored okay.

Basic Info:- Length of anime is 11eps . 
Genre: Slice of life, Drama , Seinen .
Mal: 7.4/10. by Palm Studio. 

So, now we move on to the good side of anime. The character design is done in a way like it feels that they are almost alive. Now the Voice acting is almost perfect and suits to the characters in it. Now the Animation , its done in a very classic way and backgrounds are very well made . The OST(Original Sound Tracks) are perfectly made .Also the Ops and Eds are too great for this anime , this is one of the reason that i like more about it . In this anime you will get to know more about the Bars and drinks and apart from this you'll get to know story of almost each characters.

Now we will move on to the bad side , well actually there are no specific reason to dislike this anime , the things that i dont like about this anime is that its very underrated and the ratings are somehow average. maybe because some people find it boring or dont like the anime or maybe because the anime is very short.

I dont know but the reason for writing the review especially for this anime which is my first review of an Anime series although i have watched a ton of animes but this is one my fav. So, by writing this review now i am confident and planning to write more reviews on Anime series. Actually i am good at writing movie reviews but for anime its my first time. I know this review is pretty much long and i am sorry for it .If you guys find it too long but i am sure that even if you guys get a little interested in this particular anime by reading my review then it will be my pleasure to have helped you guys out.

~ Thanks for giving your precious time to my review 🙏~

*Spoiler free Official review*
by :-
~Kevin3651 / Kevin くん

9/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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