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Hello there if you're here then there  are 4 reasons 

If you're here for 1st reason then everyone has their own opinions you might like something and I don't 

If you're here for 2 then I would like to recommend you

If you're here for 3 ed then I really need recommendation totally running low on stuff 

If you're here for 4th then just do what you want 

(manga or anime rating aren't fixed they may or may not change it depends if I find something like a really good manga or anime then I would change it by comparing it to other that I have watched/read or watching/reading )

If manga or anime rating is 5/5 or 4.5/5 it's definitely worth watching/reading 

4 is great. 3.5 is good, 3 is better than than average, 2.5 is average, 2 is bad, 1.5 is like eh didn't have anything to eat had to eat from trash can, below that are shit

Well i like to keep reviews short. 

Okay here's some info on me

Great manga but underrated/very few people reading - rascal does not dream series/hotel of the underworld 

(In the future the info here might change.)

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XxHuaChengxX Jul 21, 2021

Ok! No problem! Let me know if you want more recommendations from me anytime!

osaka Jul 21, 2021

np! but I will explain it-

I am watching anime for few years- if I had to pass with a break (a very long break haha) that would be like- 4/5 years but without a break maybe 2/3 years ^^
Some time ago i wasn't so much into anime and I was just sometimes watching some series when I had time- now I am mostly watching it 'daily' haha

also for maybe half year or even the whole year I was just reading manga- I went to a store every week and buying like 20 volumes at once and reading it haha- (currently I have 250+ volumes at home) I didn't have much time to watch anime because of it haha but also- I mentioned that I don't remember all of the anime i watched because I watched some 4 years ago lets say and I don't remeber how many eps i watched which season etc

I know that I didn't watched THAT much as some ppl and you also- you are not the first person asking me that so maybe i will just change my bio to "I've been an otaku for not so long" Or smth lmao-
It is kind annoying when so many ppls are asking me- you didn't watch THIS much- how long have you been an otaku :| lol- (don't want to be rude to you i don't mind don't worry ^^)

XxHuaChengxX Jul 20, 2021

Hi again too! It's ok! You're not wasting my time! Sure I can recommend you some romance manga! First off by light-hearted manga, do you mean manga that are short like 6-12ish chapters maybe? If so, then I'd recommend you these:

Beast MasterBending the SpoonKami-sama x Ore-sama x Oyome-samaHyakujuu KingdomThe Story of Our Unlikely Love

                                                                            Manga name: Kami-samaxOre-samaxOyome-sama      Name:Hyakujuu Kingdom   

If not, then check out my manga list and maybe something there will peak your interest....:)  

Thanks for the recommendations! I'll check them out!

Manthika Jul 11, 2021

You said: "Thanks for writing this review truly saved my time"
No problem, and thanks for commenting! It always makes me happy to know that my wasted time and regret over reading something awful prevented someone else from having to suffer through it too xD

v1ad Jul 8, 2021

Hello i'm currently working late so I don't have a lot of time to spend on anime planet but as soon as I have time I will make you a god list of recommendation, hope you are doing well ^^ .