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Why hello there stalker!


I can tell exactly what you're doing right now... scary right?


Well you were at least scared for a second weren't u?
Oh well , btw do not comment me unnecessarily I'm busy and I'm an introvert .

General informtaion on me:

Name : Ken (I'm not simping ok?)

Age : Between 10 to 25 years

Gender : Male or female maybe who knows?

Waifu : Current : Mai sakurajima and Zero two
Previous : Fenris 

Personality : Carefree,Introverted,shy,Serious,The "Quiest kid"

Likes : Anime,Manga,Science,Painting/Drawing,DIY,Solving riddles /puzzles,Reading books,watching movies,playing games outdoor,indoor and computer/mobile

Hates : too many ecchi scenes/People who don't respect someone's opinion and pointlessly argue/yaoi/yuri/shounen ai/shoujo ai

Afraid of : Failing exams/Board exam/Interview for job, High places,Spider(Arachnophobia)

Fav genre in anime/manga/movies/books : SCI fi,Comedy,Action,Romance(only top tier mangas),sports,revenge,mystery,thriller,(manga/anime where Main character wants to be the side character ex: is it tough being a friend and the world of Otome game is tough for mobs)

My dark past : really thought I would write it?

My rating system for anime/manga

Favorite anime/manga(the best I could find in that genre)

Honourable mention/second favourite (4.5 stars and 4 stars and 5 stars but not the best for me): The world of Otome game is tough for mobs(M), is it tough being a friend(M), trash of the counts family(MHWA), My death flags show no sign of ending(M), Chainsaw man(M), Konosuba(Anime),Megalo box,Hajime no ippo,Nan Hao Shang feng(mhua),Fff class trashero(probably could've been my favour with better art),Teihen ryoushu no kanchigai eiyuutan(absolute gold 5 star but missing something),Rooster fighter(forget whatever you were reading and read this),Tokyo revenger(the final battle arc wasn't necessarily)
Well then now get outta here you asshole you done stalking me?(no offence just wanted to say it)

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PrxpleRocks Dec 7, 2021

Hello! Thanks for the rec! i've read quite a bit of blue lock but i haven't gotten far lol

xyst Dec 4, 2021

Oh yeah! I NEED to read that! I've been putting it off for god knows why and I completely forgot about that gem! Thank you for recommending it! Maybe I can finally finish it! BTW have u read the recent Tokyo Revengers chapters? Cuz I wanna discuss it with u but I don't wanna spoil it D:

LuciferDJ18 Dec 1, 2021

Hello, I saw your comment in here

And there you said you need the manga with male lead then I have this few recommendation, 

Trapped in a web novel as a good for nothing

Trash of the count family

Forced to become villain son in law

Murim login (kind of) 

ArticCheekSlap Nov 25, 2021

Kaneki Senpai! Please let me see your list senpaaaai