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KonaIzumi Sep 22, 2015

In this fall season, I'm really looking foward to watch Yuru Yuri season 3, Owari no Seraph season 2 and One Punch Man. I've added some other animes to watch but ... for now, non of them looks really promising so I'll have to wait and see how it goes :P

KonaIzumi Sep 21, 2015

What animes are you gonna be watching from this past season? :3

KonaIzumi Sep 20, 2015

Sadly Gangsta, Umaru-chan and Rokka no Yuusha have 12 episodes, so will finish pretty soon T_T

KonaIzumi Sep 16, 2015

What I meant to say is to don't drop an anime to your 'won't watch list' just because someone else thinks that anime is bad. 

The example you gave is [email protected] fits perfectly here. Your brother didn't like it, but you love it ^^ The same can happen with many other animes :D 

KonaIzumi Sep 10, 2015

I hope you give a chance to those animes you're not so confident about because they're really good ^^ Don't let other people opinions to be a reason for you to watch or not, since all the animes are not meant to like to everyone :3

I wish you enjoy every of them! :D