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"Prepare for trouble

I'll alone make it double"







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my fav words 

kyaaa !!      Lemme die       I wanna die

방탄소년단        かわいい       OwO

nya~      嵐        あらし

STOB IT !!       Pst- hey! !       mah sad lifu 

wut ?       omg       T^T      Woah

I dunno        bruh, I'm mad       lemme kill u pls

Ah.. Excuze meeeeee

You got no jams         Tabasco      Lachimolala

Infires       Trusfrated        NO!!        Hai ! (yes)

《 i like dad jokes 》

《i stan bts in kpop and  arashi in jpop》

《i like comedy anime》

《story interesting = manga fantastic》


 Can I have your time pls ?

||  My intro ||

A girl, 20 March 2003

Fellow student ... Can draw , Can sing , Can Dance , Can do music , Can Love people

I can do every single thing ... the Question is - How Good i can do ?

¿Eres mujer y estas aburrida? Has encontrado tu solución »Gifs y f… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

(pst- I'm Extrovertive type ... B type personality )*

O -ve   -     blood group

160 cm [Miyu Kouzuki's height] i love that anime T^T

I'm clumsy (super clumsy) , like hugs (good one)   , love to laugh (fav. anime genre is comedy)

i want my 1st ki....  (nvm.. leave it )

Oh don't mind I'm a Simply - Super Childish !! , Super Annoying(according to friends)* ..not best friends

Mhm ~ you wanna know about my story to here ? [2020] - you can skip this

I was so ... about 6yrs before I was simple girls who's father's job get transfer every single year .. even in months 

so I've Lost and made so many friends just like that (omg I miss them so much) just too much

then we came in this city... a girl who had friends for short period got in new world with permanent friends ! and.. the main new thing was ! SMARTPHONE .. im saying truth i never used a smartphone till i was 10 ... and my father had it , using for his work. Seriously I still remember playing those PERFECT and MOST FUN games in our keypad phone  it was "Bounce Tail" & "Snake (fruit one)" 

and another Keypad phone had amazing games like "Little big city 1 " "Midnight Pool 3"  "Farm house" 

I loved those Games

the I had 1st "You tube kids" in our Smartphone ... [we all 3 use it in common] mom, bro & me

mhm so it was Internet .. what changed me !!  I was surffing the web ~ dunno what was i searching but i saw a link of YT and saw a Fscinating Scene omg it was.. the movie "Shelter" - [My one of MOST Favourite Stort Story]

then I searched "Japanese Cartoon" ... so my 1st anime was "Mermaid melody" .. or u can say "Buddy go"

 So this was my trip to here 

Fun Fact : It took me a month to discorver the difference between Manga and Anime  [since at that time i didn't read a single manga]


 not watching any anime (2019 , 2020)

Reading Loads of manga

[oh wait ! pls kindly notice that .. if u see this many ep on my watches .. it's true .. these anime are regular show on our tv so... with my siblings i watch them like many times so .. i have only listed few times to avoide many episode watch ) 

i seriously have watched them like 30 to 40 times.. tbh lemme die 

D: Castle Glow by AngelicHellraiser


連作「SHE」で描いた、困難に立ち向かう”彼女”たち - pixivision

米山舞 (@yonema) 的媒体推文 / Twitter



**I like Swan**

**my name mean Swan**

**I want to be Swan**


“#ミラクルニキ ハクチョウの面影”

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StrawberryTitan May 23, 2020

Hi, yes I have reported them before. My friend on here also reported them. It's taken care of. 

StrawberryTitan May 20, 2020

Hi there! Sorry if this username is not familiar. I used to be under the name SubstituteShinigami but decided to shut down the account due to someone harassing me constantly and making multiple accounts to purposely post hate comments on my profile. I wanted to just let you know. I have not forgotten about my followers and value the friendships I have made on here.

luksrac10 Apr 27, 2020

hello uwu

RedDatalGirl Apr 22, 2020

nuu that comment made me hate myself a little more.well worry not,i won't send hateful stuff.

RedDatalGirl Apr 9, 2020


I am not sorry.