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Heya!!!! Just so u know... i am a 40% tsundere... 40% yandere... and 20% deredere ^w^

I love to make friends and I LOV ANIME!!!!!! duh! So plz feel free to talk to me or watevs lol xD!!!

Oh and... i was born on July 6... so i guess that makes me a "Cancer" yay!

Here r just a few of my fav characters!!!!! >.<

KILLUA ZOLDYCK <from Hunter X Hunter>


Nagisa Shiota <from Assassination Classroom>


Yuri Plisetsky <from Yuri!!! On Ice>


Titus Alexius <from Magi Kingdom of Magic>


Lucifer... <from Hatarku Maou-sama>


Licht Von ...<from The Royal Tutor>


Lubbock... <from Akame Ga Kill>


Leonhard Von... <from The Royal Tutor>


Ishida and Yuzuru <from A Silent Voice>


Kanato and Subaru <from Diabolik Lovers>


I have about a million more caharcters who i don't wanna put here so.... la di da!!! ^.^


this is so sad.... #YourLieInApril not watched it yet tho...

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AnnaSartin May 28, 2022

Hi, about this BL custom list you request to be featured: 

This list is indeed feature-worthy, it just needs a few slight tweaks. First, can you set the list to alphabetical order, unless the titles are in a specific order? (if they are, please explain the order in the description) The other thing is the title is very long and clunky. Would you be okay with changing the name? Right now the title gets cut off in previews for your list including on the manga info pages. Might I suggest "BL with great plot and possible fluff" instead of "BL / Shounen ai / Yaoi manga/manhwa with great plot and possible fluff"? BL covers both yaoi and shounen-ai, so it's kind of unneeded to stick all the terms in the title anyway.

Thanks! :)

Radienshogun Jan 6, 2022

could u not cmpare kyo and yuki thorugh this needless 'hardship' also in the same way there were ppl like haru who did try to do a lot 4 him so rlly saying he had NO ONE is false but yes he's very independant and a great character 

DeiMadepo Jul 18, 2021

Everyone craps on him because you cannot unwrite it. The abuse did happen even if it's a different timeline, it did happen. It was real to her. It's a flawd character because it means that he can do just that yet again, and just because he loves her he's not doing it. Well, he was a knight in shining armour for the girl he loved before too. So, he was written as someone who can do crazy abusive things to someone he hates and she's just lucky he loves her now. He's still the same, the only thing that's changed is his view on her. You don't do something so horrible, you don't taunt like that even if you hate that person. Meaning that usually spining back time changed only his perspective not him as a character and the crap he pulled is no where near knight in shining armor male lead. He was irredeemably, plainly wrong with treating someone like that in the begining.

Honestly, I'm baffled how female lead could have ever fallen for her abuser. Stoholm syndrom, much? I mean, it did happen. At least to her. That's why we usually see revenge plot in time spining back mangas. Because it's moraly wrong to ship someone with their abuser. Usually they have a different ML altogether or do revenge theme on that f'ed up person, since time doesn't change people for what their core is, or they come to a mutual cohabitation but never in love since, as I said before, it was real to her. Just because he doesn't do that anymore does not excuse what he has done, that I do not even wish for the ppl I dislike to happen. That's just plain wrong.

That's my two cents on this. You might disagree. You might never have been wrong so you could tap into something similar or you might just be young and less understanding, or plainly not see a point in what I said. But I do hope it could open your view on why ppl might not particulary like the ML just a little bit. I personaly see characteristics of a bad person in general in his past self that time does not make it dissapear, I wish his wrong doings were a bit more mild than that, I wish he didn't seem like an incompetent brat a bit at past self times too. If he was tweaked a bit before it would have been more enjoyable to see the character development rather than think that the only thing that's changes is the perspective and not character. We just don't see him like that anymore because he loves her, we now see him with a prism of pink glases of a person that loves him back. Just like the black haird girl saw him, even though he did awfull things to the FML. Change of perspactive and that the narrator is now seeing him differently not that he's a different person or rather that he can be forgiven for something he actually did. Even though it's a different time, it's just a continuation for her. At least it should have been. That's why ppl don't like him, are confused how she can, how they feel like the story would have been better if he was written a bit differently because his past is still important.

Dunno, wrote a lote. Just wanted to make myself clear, not write a love letter from war 😅 sorry

LeiFan Mar 4, 2021

Can I just say...I love your bio!?

Torhuhonda Feb 22, 2021

i think they both have gone through equally bad pasts, sure kyo had sensei but that's it, he was bashed by the of thehis world and they both had torhu to be by their side so far so I agree people should stop comparing these two lovely people