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ManLikeJogee Jul 22, 2018

Ayy, Welcome To Anime Planet! 

If you have any questions or dont understand something, let me know and il try to respond when im available!


As your new, i can get to know you a little so i know a little more about you so i can help you out easier. 

What is your favourite anime or if you have more than one favourite animes then which ones?! 

What is your favourite anime character?

You can even tell me about your favourite movies, actors, hobbies, sport and hell, even something out of the ordinary to do with relationships etc.

Damn , i seem like a strict teacher trying to make you write an essay lool xP Of course, you dont have to write something detailed, it can be simple and short lol :P

Hope you enjoy your time here at anime planet , theres many people here who are welcoming and love to chat so feel free to get in on the conversations!

P.S. If you want to know something about me like what anime i like etc. feel free to ask! - Jogee