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Wait...Wait a minute. The female protagonist actually does things and speaks for herself? I'm...watching a reverse harem right? (I am quite aware of the protagonist of Ouran High School Host Club)


So to begin with, Phantom in the Twilight tells the story about two college students by the name of Bayrou Ton and Mu Shinyao that have just arrived to London as they just enrolled in some college there, but things don't go as smoothly when a mysterious being ends up stealing their luggage. Leading our main protagonist, Bayrou Ton, in a wild goose chase in hopes of getting back her luggage, but instead stumbles upon a cafe by the name of Cafe Forbidden. This cafe is run by 4 Umbra dudes, umbras being creatures made out of human fear and anxiety such as vampires, werewolves, goblins and the like. So with the help of our 3 dudes, since one is introduced a bit later,  Vlad the blonde vampire, Tauryu, the human weapon, and Luke, the werewolf, Bayrou finally retrieves her luggage. Since this is anime, of course, the story doesn't end there as our protagonist ends up seeking the help of these 4 dudes once again when she realizes that her friend, Mu Shinyao, has been kidnapped. And that's where our adventure begins! 

So storywise, there were quite some unanswered questions left behind by this show. I am not sure if they just wanted to leave it to the viewer's interpretation or were they really plot holes, but they seemed more like plot holes in my opinion. Also, the one that must have bothered me the most was the reason behind Mu Shinyao just suddenly falling into Stockholm Syndrome with her kidnapper.


The animation was something...to say the least. Sometimes the London landscapes would look really nice while other times the characters would look inconsistent. At times, you would get these detailed shots of the characters while in different frames the same quality wouldn't remain. Also, there was this CGI monsters that they battled at one point that really threw me off. Characters also had wonky expressions at times, but I think it's fairly decent. The visuals in the OP were also smooth and nice to look at.


I am no music expert, but personally I liked the OP song while the ED was fine. The background music did give out the intended atmosphere when it had to and the voice acting was solid as always especially Nobuhiko Okamoto playing Luke Bowen. He never fails to impress me.


I would like to give extra points for Bayrou not being a pushover, but I will just say things as they are. As much as I love this cast of characters, I believe they didn't really go through much development with the exception of Tauryu. There was also the inconclusive character arc of Wayne that kind of bothered me throught the show and it was unfortunately never resolved. Despite this, I believe the characters are fairly likeable not making you instantly hate them.

In conclusion, the show is okay. It has its flaws here and there but the show isn't terrible. I believe that for the quantity of reverse harems there are there, this one is much more bareable than others such as Diabolik Lovers. If you are into the reverse harem genre, then this one might be to your liking.

6.5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.3/10 overall
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