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Currently reading: •Malazan Saga+月姫
Currently playing: •Gacha Hell + Fate: Samurai/Remnant

Top 3 Anime:
1)Kino's Journey
3)Mononoke (TV Series)

Top 3 Gaming Genres:
3)Extra(Gachas, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, MMOs etc..)

Umineko and Re:Zero fanboy˜ 


You may find me here:



Good OST/Music:


Best Opening of All Time <3


Arisen Kun

Oh, yeah, I really love umineko. <3

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ShoumaTaka Jul 27, 2016

I apologize for my words I am using (: hope you can forgive me for that 

ShoumaTaka Jul 26, 2016

Like I said again I don't care if you think of my review like that lol. You've wasted your time even putting that comment on the review,  there's no trigger asshat (^ム^)

ShoumaTaka Jul 24, 2016

I can take criticism dear.  I written the review in like January so do I really care about if it had spoliers?  Nope I could give 0 fucks seems to me I've radddled your feathers.  

That's your opinion if you think its the best... Cleanly you are one of THOSE anime fans that can't take someone else not liking your favorite anime.  Very sad I say. 

ShoumaTaka Jul 23, 2016

Lol I have shit taste because you don't like what anime I watch??? Lol okay.  Tokyo ghoul was shit should have rated it lower then a 1.5 and SAO was shit it doesn't even need a rating . You're wrong I'm not 10 , I am 17 and I'm a girl you porky 

Dmj1 Dec 14, 2011

ciau lol