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Alrighty it's ya girl kauri inu (sounds a lot like Kuraiinu stay with me here I know) this and the name kei was given to me by me 

I live for yuzuru hanyu and shoma uno

I like the yaoi 

I'm definitely a fujoshi 

My manga shows what I'm gonna say next, I stay in a lot 

I find memes great 

I love webtoons

Arma is a good one (change my mind) 

I speak a little German and Russian (not that much) 

I do like kpop and yes I'm army but I don't say it a lot 

I wanna become a BJ when I grow up but I also wanna be a lot of things so.. 

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Juliet16100 Aug 20, 2019

Hello, I’m new to this website☺️ I was wondering if you know why it won’t let me watch the movies I want to watch? I have no idea why it won’t let me. :(

Shahistaa786 Apr 7, 2019

heyyyy can u teach me.... How to read Mangas???