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Solid, Historical anime adapted from a manga.

While I didn't find the art style beautiful, it works and well depicts the history of the Mongol invasion. 

Being on an island and removed from the larger parts of Japan proves challenging to the small number of Samurai attempting to protect their home and fellow countrymen from the foreign invaders whose attack methods are new to them.  This anime provides an interesting window into the weapons, armor, technology and beliefs of medieval Japan around 1274. It also emcompasses many situations that the Tsushima Islanders must have encountered whilst under attack. It is a good study into human interactions and their responses under the stress of war.

I can't say that the music is memorable, but it doesn't detract from the anime either. As far as characters go, there is no real stand out in the group but for this type of anime, I don't think that's a huge detraction. It is a nice solid Historical piece. There is bloodshed and war, but it is not too graphic or overly depicted.

Although this is not a stand out this season, I have enjoyed each episode and the little snap shot it gives on medieval Japan. It is a nice solid, realistic portrayal of an historical event.  I would say watch this if you like historical anime, enjoy learning a bit as you watch, or just want a change of pace from the usual anime on offer.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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