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KarinXOXO - if she was a real anime character on Anime-Planet, she would look very similar to Mayumi NISHIKINO from The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior.

She is a and the rest of her actual bio can be found below.

The original concept came from another user, ArnoMizuno. This format came from user HKBattosai.


My user name is to pay homage to Karin Maaka from the anime, Karin aka Chibi Vampire (manga).

I was never into anime, let alone knew what anime was until 2010. My first anime seen were Karin and School Rumble. I dabbled with it a little bit but it just never kept my interest, for whatever reason. I watched a few shows a year but it wasn't until 2015 where I started having a love for it and watched it more consistently.

Soon it became obsessively so - meaning, I sometimes go on binges to "pound" out a season in two nights just because I cannot stop! The storyline, the characters, everthing, just pulls me in, into their world!

"Anime addiction has possesed me, consumed me whole and obsession is taking over...must-stop-the-monster-within!"
♠ ♥ Karin84 ♦ ♣


I go through extensive research to find the utmost quality series to view based on anime reviews from places like Nihon Review, Anime News Network, and THEM Anime, but mostly from all of you on Anime Planet.

Rightstuf and Sentai Filmworks have definitely made this obsession worse.

~Genre/Sub-Genre Favorites~

My favorite genres are slice of life, romance, comedy, horror, along with harem and reverse-harem (depending on the quality of story). A few of my favorites thus far:  Kamisama Kiss, Blue Spring Ride, School Rumble, Ghost Hunt, Last Exile, Black Lagoon, Full Metal Panic, Gankutsuou: The Counte of Monte Cristo, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight and anything Studio Ghibli.

Action: Full Metal Panic, Vampire Hunter D
Comedy: School Rumble, Ouran High School Host Club
Drama: TBD
Horror: Ghost Hunt
Romance: Kamisama Kiss, Blue Spring Ride
Sci-Fi: TBD

* * * * *

~Personal Rating Scale~

0.5 - Avoid like the plague!
1 - Horrible! Don't do it!
1.5 - Bad! Waste of time!
2 - Poor! Weak! Lost interest!
2.5 - Decent! Tolerable!
3 - Fair! Above average but nothing special!
3.5 - Good! Enjoyable!
4 - Great! Interesting! Time well spent!
4.5 - Excellent! Memorable! Impressionable!
5 - Amazing! Watch it at any cost! Worth buying/owning!


~A Little More Background on Me!~

Besides anime, I have many other interests/hobbies and always open to trying new things. I am crafty and love to scrapbook. I also love planning, organizing and executing events - the event planner in the family! I also write stories and poetry, nothing professionally yet but maybe one day...

I enjoy all genres of music but lean more towards alternative, unless I want to bust a move and listen to some pop/hip-hop - I just love to dance! Some of my favorite artists are as follows (not in specific order):

👑 Non-Anime Favorites 👑

TV Shows:  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bones, Once Upon a Time, Fringe, 90210 (1990), Penny Dreadful
Cartoon:  X-Men the Animated Series (1992)
Movie Genre:  Hmmm, I have to get back to you on that but I do love horror movies and Disney
Authors:  Anne Rice, Patricia McKillip, Lauren DeStefano, Sarah Addison Allen, Jennifer Wilde, Victoria Holt, Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, Marquis de Sade
Color:  The many hues of blue, pastel pinks and glimmering gold/rose gold
Food & Beverage:  Sweet wine, green ice tea, Thai and sushi
Season & Holiday:  Autumn/Halloween - love the smell of leaves on a crisp, cool day, pumpkin spice & cidar, pumpkin picking and all its festivities
Era:  I swear I was meant to live in the Victorian Era. I love everything about this time period, including the gothic romance along with the steampunk attributes


~Final Juicy Points~

2017 is the Year of Anime! 961 episodes watched

2018 - 636 episodes watched

2019 - 670 episodes watched

Support Anime-Planet! There are a number of different ways to do so. Click >here< to find out how.

Thanks for checking out my bio page on A-P! Please do visit again!


Updated:  June 2019

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Neozoic Feb 2, 2020

Thanks for the recommendations. Also here's 169 comments.

Kawiiki Jan 19, 2020

Great! I sent you all the needed information.

Kawiiki Jan 19, 2020

Oh, wow. Thank you so much for filling me in.

Yes, I would like to get back into WECO if possible. Do you have any new requirements for joining that I should know about?

Kawiiki Jan 19, 2020


I noticed you mentioning WECO to someone & was wondering if you could help me out. I tried to PM you through the forum but I was unable to.

I was apart of WECO but took a step back last year due to college & not being about to regularly get on A-P. When I decided to start back I noticed that I could not find it in the forum anymore but also saw that others have taken over running it. Could you inform me as to what has happened during my time away?

Thank you

KBLOVECRAFT Jan 17, 2020

Oh youre too kind, young mistress of the dark!

There is much to admire on your page as well. I quite like the avatar youve chosen for your page and your likes and interests are a joy to comb through.