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.Hack Manga Reading Order

Suggested viewing order for the .Hack franchise (manga side!). While most can be watched independently from one another, there is an overall timeline in which the .Hack anime, manga, and video games fit together in. I will reference the anime and link to them. There are basic arcs to keep in mind: SIGN, ROOTS, QUANTUM, and Beyond the World (anime-only).
1 .hack//XXXX


.hack//XXXX is a re-telling of the original .hack games: .hack//Infection, .hack//Mutation, .hack//Outbreak, .hack//Quarantine. (watching a playthrough of the games will give you much more depth!)

However, timelime wise, you should start with the following two anime before reading this:

.hack//SIGN then .hack//SIGN - Intermezzo

After you've seen/read the above, you should move onto .hack//GIFT and .hack//Sign Unison, which are fun little OVAs with all the characters from the above series.

2 .hack//Another Birth (Light Novel)

.hack//Another Birth (Light Novel)

A re-telling of the original video games from the point of view of Black Rose.

3 .hack//Legend of the Twilight

.hack//Legend of the Twilight

This, or the anime adaptation, are the same and can be seen in any order.

Follow up with the following:

.hack//Liminality (OVA; the events in this OVA result in huge changes to the game world)

4 .hack//CELL (Light Novel)

.hack//CELL (Light Novel)

A prequel to the GU video games. Follow up with:

.hack//Roots (26 episodes; prequel to GU video games)

.hack//GU video games (Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption)

5 .hack//G.U.+


This follows an alternate version of the events of the G.U. games. Tenchnically non-canon.

6 .hack//GnU


This is a side-story of the Roots/GU stories.

7 .hack//G.U. (Light Novel)

.hack//G.U. (Light Novel)

A re-telling of Haseo (Roots/ G.U.) and his adventures. Technically non-canon

8 .hack//4koma


Includes characters from the entire franchise up to this point.

9 .hack//Alcor


New story, from the same era as G.U..

10 .hack//Link


New cast, takes places 3 years after G.U.


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