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Dubcon or "dubious consent" is when one partner does not clearly give the other permission to touch them, but infers they may not be a willing participant. Sometimes there is a little resistance, and often the 'victim' ends up enjoying the encounter. Not to be confused with outright rape. Adding this list as a trigger warning to those who may not like these type of series.
1 3-pun Instant no Chinmoku

3-pun Instant no Chinmoku

One brother decides to ignore the incest boundary and come on to his younger sibling.

2 30 Days With You

30 Days With You

Iro likes Rene. So Iro pretends to be a sex robot so that Rene won't say no to having sex. They both want it when it happens, but Rene never gave concent to sex with a human.

3 Ai no Kusabi: the Space Between (Light Novel)

Ai no Kusabi: the Space Between (Light Novel)

One man is held captive by another, where he is manipulated and humiliated.

4 Bed Room Tour!

Bed Room Tour!

A collection of Dubcon. Rape turning into something they want, drunk sex, etc.

5 Bound By Time

Bound By Time

Suggestd by Starra

6 Deep Bloody Night

Deep Bloody Night

Vampire never says yes or no, but is chained up.

7 Falling Into Love

Falling Into Love

Last chapter has some dubcon in it

8 Hetare Wanko to Fudanshi Senpai

Hetare Wanko to Fudanshi Senpai

Drunk sex which doesn't entirely start off as consensual...

9 If You Hate Me So

If You Hate Me So

Guy A rapes Guy B. After a while the victim starts liking his rapist and stops saying no to the assault even though he doesn't really want to. Then they fall in love and it's apparently a romantic story about a rapist realising his mistakes...

10 Killing Stalking

Killing Stalking

A kidnapper takes advantage of his victim.

11 NTR: Netsuzou Trap

NTR: Netsuzou Trap

Victim thinks her friend is just joking around (and says no), but she goes along with it to not hurt her friends feelings.

12 The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese

The guy is incapable of saying no to any sexual advances, meaning he'll have sex with any woman just to "be nice" basically. Even though he doesn't want to. He also gets blackmailed by another man to have sex with him.

13 Window to Window

Window to Window

Seme has sex with the uke while the uke's asleep, but 'it's okay' because the uke was having a sex dream about the seme anyway.

14 Yarisugi Party Night

Yarisugi Party Night

Drunk man is taken advantage of by his friends.

15 unTOUCHable


Girl keeps tormenting a guy and touching him against his will (he has mysophobia and gets really distressed by this). After a while they start to fall in love. She also takes advantage of him when he's drunk.


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